Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Jul 11, 2019
11 July 2019
Today's Speaker: Robin McIntosh, Midcoast Leadership Academy

11 July 2019

Buckets on the Table: Backpack Program

Speaker of the Day: Robin McIntosh, Midcoast Leadership Academy

Engaging regional conversations to build networks of leaders that get to know each other and be able to move change forward in our area. MLA is working to create informed and engaged leaders in Knox and Waldo counties. They have a nine month program for adults to build understanding on how our communities work. The program has around 20 participants a year, chosen through an application process where they are aiming for diversity of thought, knowledge and experience. Participants work together and with local leaders. MLA students learn about the differences between leadership and management, how community leadership is different, teaching skills of mentorship and leadership styles. The program starts with a LEAP where students learn about problem solving, personality types and learning styles. The program is structured by diverse topics and visit local venues such as, farming, justice system, boatyards, education, health and human services and local government. The program changes every year. Application process is currently open.

Jane Babbitt from Hands Across the Sea, we are sponsoring a primary school in Dominica. A lot of repair from hurricane damage on the island. There is still great need in the community. Thank you for the club’s support!







Committee Reports

First Day as President Kim!

Thank you notes from many of our award recipients.











District governor will be visiting the board on 24th and the 25th for the club meeting, please wear your rotary bling!

Community: next week’s meeting will be on Tuesday

Wheels of Hope, food packing this fall, 0.29 for a family meal!

Leamon: Boat Show, Aug 9-11, sign up! Posters available to post in businesses!

Sandy: need support for the lobster ride, July 20 parking 7-11 am, need 5-6 people.

Lisa: yard sale will be July 20 at MRC. Donations will be to End Polio! Box up your donation and drop at MRC the 19th, no clothing, if you need a truck – call Lisa, if you want to help on Friday, Sat or Sun, please stop in and lend a hand!

Trivia night on Tues at Sea Dog, July 30

September…planning a possible mini golf tournament. A fund raiser for polio.

Chowder Challenge is coming up. Need a volunteer to help Bruce take on the project(s)!

Next Week’s Speaker: Kate Dullea, Classification Talk