Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Aug 16, 2019
15 August 2019
Meghan Cox Gurdon, Wall Street Journal's Children's Book Reviewer
15 Aug 2019
Buckets on the Table: Salt Water Classroom
Today’s Speaker: Meghan Cox Gurdon, Wall Street Journal’s Children’s Book Reviewer
Meghan is on a World tour for her own book, The Enchanted Hour, filled with personal stories. She is a mother of 5, reading to her children nearly every day and now is reading to her husband! Reading aloud is an important gift to give children, reading to newborns and see the response of the infants. Research on reading aloud shows that it contributes to the foundation of developing self-mastery, impulse control and empathy skills. Most research is on children but there is also a benefit to the aging brain.  Readers entering prisons, foster homes, nursing homes, Alzheimer homes, are showing benefit to people, with evidence of improved brain function. Reading aloud is a treasure that is freely available to you!  We could close the achievement gap without spending a dime, getting books to children, families, and even reading to dogs! Reading aloud to traumatized dogs has been found to settle them down, curling up to rest. There is something deeply human about the voice. Reading to the elderly, remembering that you may need to pass through a momentarily weirdness, is a different way of encountering someone. Reading aloud is taking place in the age of distraction. (...noting there is a fine for using your cell phone during Rotary…).it is emotionally connecting, language is unleashed onto the listener!
Committee Reports:
The newest member of the Past President’s Club, Mary Sargent
Rotary Minute- The 4 way test! 1932, Herbert Taylor created a code of ethics for a company….24 words long. Rotary Fellowship Club … the Brew Fellowship took it upon themselves to modify it to fit the Brewery test, check with Tim for details on his cuzzi.
Is it True
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build good will and better friendships
Will it be beneficial to all concerned
Backpack program – Ray and Barbara will meet with local TV to check out the work of West Bay Rotary
60 year Rotarian Heinz  Lehmann Paul Harris Fellow!
Community – Habitat this Saturday! 8-12, 17 Warren St
Fellowship – tonight is the Sunset Cruise on the Appledore, 530pm!
Chowder Challenge needs a few more for tear down on Sunday
Next Week’s Speaker: Amy Williams, United Technology Associates