The Window Dressers
Insulating Window Inserts
Karl Kahler
What do they do?
Manufacture interior window inserts
  • Keep Mainers warm in the winter
  • Reduce fuel bills
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Promote community volunteerism
  • Assist low income Mainers
    • Give away 22% of inserts to low income families
Managed by executive committee of the BOD
Use all volunteer labor to keep prices low
Central frame cutting operation in Rockland
Community builds located throughout Maine
                14 established locations
                5 new locations in 2017
Volume of activity growing significantly each year
2010 – 185 inserts
2011 – 1231 Inserts
2012 – 2224 Inserts
2013 – 2610 Inserts
2014 – 3425 Inserts
2015 – 5056 Inserts
2016 – 6113 Inserts
Takes 1 person hour to build an insert
They started with 26.4 days to almost 900 person days that are needed to manage the need.
FY 16/17 – revenue $116k
Supply costs - $80k
Admin expense - $164k
Grants $110k
Net loss $18k
This year – have capital expenditures are $11k.  Software enhancements & tools for installation.
How do you pay for those that are donated?
Add $$ to the cost of paying customers as well as paying customers
Life expectancy of inserts
7 years – they’ve been in business for 10 years and have only had 1 pair come back due to wear & tear and constant full time use.
Other organizations in other states?
Not like they do – greater savings, etc.
Have you thought about running a workshop?
We have considered that – long term possibilities
How do you qualify folks who are in need?
The communities know who needs help – you know when folks can’t pay when you walk into folks homes.
How can a group volunteer?
We would be happy to run a special build session for a specific organization. 
Energy efficiency savings
Between 15 – 25% of their heating bill per year.
Type of windows?
Any type of windows – it mostly for older homes
Buckets on the table for the Ripple Initiative –
Community Service – Began reviewing grant 18 requests for a total of $32,600. 
Business Expo – Next Thursday at the Samoset – need volunteers to promote Rotary
Board Meeting - Wednesday, April 13 - Anderson Inn, Quarry Hill - 7:00 a.m.
Ewaste+ Saturday, April 22 – 3 locations to display banners – please post & share flyers.  Sign up sheets are available.