Posted on Oct 02, 2017
West Bay Rotary
September 28, 2017
Club Assembly
Buckets on the Table – Rockport, TX Rotary support
Make Checks Payable Rockport Rotary Club Foundation
Budget 2018 – approved
Sandy – World Polio Day
October 24 – Bill & Melinda Gates will be hosting an online forum on – information about Polio Day
Polio Walk – Saturday, October 21
9 a.m.
We will take the train from City Point to Brooks
Sign ups for the walk & the ride will be provided in the upcoming weeks.
George Abendroth
Strategic Plan – Did a strategic plan around 2011-2012
If anyone has a copy of that plan, please forward to George.
Membership Data Updates – We have local, district & Rotary International Goals.  We didn’t have a very successful go around on updating information.  We need to get Club Runner up-to-date.  We are trying to get information current – the info doesn’t get shared anywhere except RI & west Bay.
Event Reporting – Gathering information for events.  We need to capture the details of events/activities for the club.  Did we raise $$ -Did we spend $$
Website – Please provide detailed updates to George.  Updated upcoming speaker section – will try to keep that updated.  Charitable Foundation form has been updated for the spring. 
Committee Pages – We encourage all committee areas to provide details for their sections.
Interact – George is now the advisor to Interact from West Bay.  12 in the group – trying to recruit new members.  9 Interact students that are interested in participating in the polio walk.  Planning a Safe Passage Guatemala trip.  Currently involved in the Window Dressers project. 
Charitable Foundation – Mary Sargent & Kim Milton
We have $9,000 available to give – we have two applications so far – we have plenty of money to distribute.  October 1 is the deadline.
International Convention Booth – Etienne – no update on the convention booth.  Sent in the application, we will find out if they accept later.
Rotary Direct – EREY for the Polio fundraising. 
Visit – donate section.  Make one time or quarterly or monthly updates.  Automatic deductions are available.
Presidents Project
Peter Burke – still has $2,600 left from the Presidents Project - $300 to Susan’s Yucatan Project. $500 to Midcoast Recovery Coalition.  $500 One Less Worry.  With balance of $1,300 to the Hospitality House. Would like to hold the money and use it to focus on a project that we are working on. 
The club will be recognizing Joe & Ginny Ryan and Stuart & Marianne Smith for their contributions.
Hospitality House – Thursday, October 5 – New client moving in – may need another person to assist with move in.
Youth Exchange – We send a student & that country sends a student back.  If you know of any students that want to do this or if any members want to help out, please see George.
Mark Coursey
Mark has electronically archived the financial materials – We are looking for all paper information.
PAWS puppy path – sign up sheet next week
Jim Potter – Entrepreneurship
Kicked off 17th annual class last night – runs through October 16
Next Week’s Speaker - Bob Flight - Lyman Morse