24 September 2020
Speaker of the Day: Jennifer & Hans Albee, ReVision Energy
24 September 2020
Pre-Meeting Chatter – Good Seeing Everybody this Morning! Mary S always looking Chipper in the am!
Everyone is healing and getting better every day…don’t forget the Corn hole this Saturday!
Buckets on the Table:  Camden Food Pantry (drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box – or online)
Poem for the Day: Deb Hitchings – Stonington at 6 am, Next Week – Kim Milton
Speaker of the Day: Jennifer & Hans Albee, ReVision Energy
Married since 2007, Goto for anything Solar and helps Midcoast Maine to move to renewable energy! They never sleep! ReVision’s history goes back to 1972, ‘The Limits to Growth’ speaks to what is going to happen in our world with more energy need and less resources. Early ‘90’s expanded to hippies living in busses and allowed growth to become what they are today, expanded to over 200 employee over several states! Grown from off grid to solar grid tied installations, a quick growing field. Complementary services are also offered. ReVision is employee owned %100.
Hans is an engineer working for ReVision, using electricity in beneficial ways. Solar generation works with the grid or a grid connection. Solar panels on a roof or ground mounted array which move energy through an inverter moving to AC electricity to a usable form for your home or business. Excess energy is converted to a credit for you to use for the next 12 months, 1 credit for a kilowatt hour. Larger systems, up to 20 acres, are being developed slowly but is growing and Maine is opening up land for more groups to develop into solar land use. Heat pumps are being utilized efficient (250% efficiency) as heat and cooling space units, a supplementary heat source. There are also water heaters that extract heat from around the units. Transportation gasoline offset is another place where we can utilize clean energy (Driving on Sunshine!). Energy storage is the latest, having clean energy available when we need it. Solar, Wind, Hydro are periodic types of energy. We need to balance the demand with what is being used, therefore we need to store energy. One example is the battery but other options are available. There are also solar farms that you can subscribe (reduction in your monthly bill – lower risk) to or have ownership (same benefits as if you owned the system on your own property – but storage would not be on your site).
Committee Reports:
Book Club: Oct 13, 1700 Zoom. Contact Kristin. The Splendid and The Vile, Erik Larson.
Painting Trim, Oct 3, 4 for Midcoast Recovery.
Community: Next Habitat Project is Oct 17th. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! We can have as many volunteers from now on, Come Join Us!!
Corn Hole: Sat Sept 26th. 12 to 4 pm. No spectators. Interact will be present and selling bake goods! Weather looks good! $20 raffle tickets for sale. 28 teams signed up. Starts at noon.
International: Equator project funding
Interact: will be at the Corn Hole event
Christmas Tree Sales: Moving forward with the project. May have a bake sale or Santa visit!
Next Week’s Speaker: DG Joel Philbert (official visit) will have a different zoom link! Watch for this!