Posted by Sarah Ruef-Lindquist on Sep 25, 2017
Rick Tasker's Classification Talk
Kim Milton gave the thought for the day about empathy.
George Abendroth introduced visiting Rotarians and guests. Chuck Decker has received a terminal cancer diagnosis, and a card is being circulated to send to him.
Buckets on the table are for victims of Hurrican Harvey. 
Rick Tasker gave a classification talk, having given his first in 1991. He's now retired from financial advising, so shared some stories of service opportunities starting when he was graduated from college in 1971, where he was assigned to Hyannisport as part of a domestic service project for two years. He returned to his home state of Connecticut and started his work in banking in 1975. He was a credit analyst for the $1m and up loans. He then managed a branch in Hartford, worked in mergers and acquisitions, and did some residential lending as well. He worked in financial education throughout the community, and was asked to join a group starting a bank that grew out of a Rotary meeting, resulting in the first federally chartered bank since the depression in the Boston District of the Federal Reserve. They committed to give 1% of profits to charity. Then in the late 80's when he moved to the Camden area he joined WBR and found many service opportunities.  Having a degree in art, he joined the board of what was then Maine Coast Artists of which his wife later became executive director. He was on the NE Health (Now Pen Bay) Foundation board, which was then selling some of it's artwork to support the hospital. He also helped run Ducktrap Bay Trading Company and at the end of 1994, he went to work for Chris Rector. When Gary Walker sold his insurance agency, the new owner was required to have a financial services representative and recruited Rick to do that which he did for 3 years. In 2004 he moved to Florida to be closer to his father, who is now 93. He returned to financial services there, and was involved in a United Way program in Jacksonville that involved the IRS training people to help low income people with their tax returns. He continues in that, and in AA in which he has been a member for 35 years. 
He recalls that early in WBR years, it was something of an "old boys" club, attendance was a challenge for many members. 
Concluding his remarks, he completed the Red Badge Program and received his blue badge.
Mik shared upcoming dates of interest:
AIO Food Pantry get together 4-6p on the 24th of September
District Assembly October 28 in St. Georges Quebec
Nov. 18 Rotary Leadership in Lewiston
December 2 at Alfond Youth Center Waterville Membership seminar
Saturday morning October 21, Camden, Rockland, Belfast and West Bay will do a Polio Walk on the waterfront walking trail on the river, 2 hours, then at the train station in Belfast and foliage rides from 11-12:30p. See Sandy Cox for more details. There's a sign up sheet at the club meetings. $12 for train ride, $8 for lunch. Everyone is being asked to raise $25 for the walk as well. 
Jan Campbell hosted a social event at her house on Sunday. Paul and Marty Rogers will host the holiday party.
Mark Masterson reported a great turn out on Saturday morning that was the latest Habitat work day. They insulated the whole house, and the family brought cookies for the workers. Several projects at the Snowbowl are being considered, including repairing the shed by Hosmer Pond and Chute maintenance.
October 7 and 14 the club will be building a Puppy Path for PAWS.Stay tuned for more details on that project.
Susan Dorr announced that the club has successfully received a District Grant for another water fountain project in the Yucatan at the Valladolid Rotary Club where she will be visiting later this fall. This will cover 4 fountains at $1000 each. 
Next week we will have a quarterly club assembly. We will approve a budget, and the proposed budget was on the tables.
Terry auctioned off a carrot cake made by Deb Fink.
October 13 is the  100th Anniversary celebration of the Bangor Rotary Club at the Cross Center.
Tom Griffith's daughter Torah will be speaking next Tuesday at the Camden Rotary Club about her exchange experience last year.