Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Sep 22, 2019
19 September 2019
Speaker:  Chris Rector, State of the Economy
19 September 2019
Buckets of the Table: Meals of Hope
Speaker of the Day: Chris Rector, State of the Economy
Represents Angus King, best job in the world! There are two areas to focus on for economy in Maine.
Forest economy was still $8.5 billion/year business. A plan to build the industry to $12 billion by 2025. 2016, 13 million tons of wood harvested in Maine and more sustainably harvested wood in Maine than most. 35K jobs from forestry. We have a long tradition of private land, 16.3 million acres. World’s leading university in University of ME. We have lost a number of mills recently, a wakeup call! Early 2016, a group came to gather Maine forestry and parks to look at the industry issues. Goals were to attract more business current industries and support rural communities. Funding was provided and sub committees were set up, looking a wood supplies, transportation, new technologies, wood energy (renewable source). Forest Opportunity for Maine developed and is available on line to show what all came about in these subgroups. There are a lot of foreign investments that is assisting in reopening mills and plan for the future.
Marine living resource economy, evaluate future trends and look for innovative ideas. Land based aquaculture is going to help our state as well, Bucksport, Belfast, Waldoboro have already started this process. Processing and adding value to all our marine products in the state.
Maine Industries: Potato industry, broccoli (rotating crop for potato), DuPont processes emulsifying product used in toothpaste and ice creams etc, White House Easter roll eggs, dove tail bats, Lincoln logs (took this away from China), golf tees, popsicle sticks, drum sticks,  residual wood insulation (it breathes!).
Rotary Minute: Rick on Rotary Foundation, $86 million in grants but foundation created in 1981 a plan to provide sustainable dollars for long term projects, $15.6 million of income, $1.25 billion total and is looking to build this endowment.
Committee Reports:
Applications for fall giving are open!
Amazon Smile!  Choose West Bay!
Community: Rockland at the Elks club for Meals of Hope. Set up will be afternoon before!  Invite friends, family, and need 50-75 people to make this happen! Interact will be participating as well!
5 months away from a tremendous opportunity for a cool experience, Toboggan Parking!
Next Week’s Speaker: Joe Curll, Coastal Opportunities