Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Sep 14, 2018
September 13, 2018
Susan Meisfeldt, Family Care Hostel: Improving Access to Cancer Care in Northern Tanzania
September 13, 2018
Buckets on the table are for the Shields Mission program.
Speaker of the day is Susan Meisfeldt, Family Care Hostel: Improving Access to Cancer Care in Northern Tanzania
Located at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro, the Family Care Hostel will be built, a place where cancer patients can stay while going thru treatment. Mostly will service women and children. Susan is an Oncologist at MMC and spends nearly equal time working in Tanzania at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (a private hospital). The Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania (located in Minneapolis) also is working to assist in locating funding. There are two cancer centers that are government supported, but not in this northern zone of Tanzania.
This region has very limited healthcare, resources and many other barriers to care. The hospital has 640 beds and serves over 1 million people. There are 35000 new cases annually and more than 80% will die. Most people, who have cancer, do not make it to a care facility; if they do they often do not complete treatment.
There are three phases of development: The infusion center (completed) inpatient cancer center and the family care hostel. The hostel will help those who do not have to be in hospital for treatment, they only need a place to stay while receiving treatment. The project has an architect and the building will be constructed of refurbished shipping containers. The hostel will have 48 dorm style bed units with a few single bed units for those patients requiring isolation. The building will have running water, shared living space and will be sustainable once constructed. This will create a model for other institutions.
Susan is proposing a partnership with Rotary International. The local rotary club will be assisting in fund raising and construction as well. $250,000 is projected to refurbish shipping container. There are 7-9 US rotary clubs that will be assisting in raising funds. They are hoping to gather funds by early 2019 and begin construction. Ribbon cutting in 2020.
West Bay Rotary will be considering sponsoring this project in combination with the local Kilimanjaro club. The board will be presented with more information and will report to the club members.
Gary Walker: Past President Mik's name has been added to the honor roll plaque of past presidents as the 32nd president.
Committee reports
Strategic planning group: Met this week for the first time and process is in place
Foundation: Global grant for Tanzania will be on board’s agenda
Treasurer: billing will be coming out for next quarter, for those of you leaving for the winter season, please let Kristen know when you are leaving and return. Leave of absence requests really help our attendance records, membership percentage stats are much better if you request leave of absence, send an email to George. If you are attending another club while gone, Kristen still needs to know for billing purposes. No leave of absence however is needed.
Leamon: annual sponsorship, Second Wind Music is a new annual sponsor (thank you Mary and Glen), Maine Home and Boat Show has renewed as well.
Community: painting at snow bowl this sat, 0900-12 noon, please sign up or show up!
Lisa: progressive dinner is next sat, 41 folks signed up, need 1 or 2 houses for dinner. Let Lisa know by Wednesday
Joan: Loriman Look has joined membership committee
Joan: interact meets Monday after school, 15 min, 16 students so far! Posters will be allowed at the school, road side cleanup at end of month
Charlie: from Rockland Rotary, tickets on sale for golf tournament, monies are used for scholarships.
Speaker next week: open