Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Sep 12, 2019
12 September 2019
Speaker of the Day: Miranda Phelps, Haiti School of Social Work
12 September 2019
Buckets on the Table: Meals of Hope
Speaker of the Day: Miranda Phelps, Haiti School of Social Work
Miranda is the Dean of the FTSJS, located in Haiti. It’s a very interesting country, the first black republic, unbelievable traffic, a very colorful environment, the people are a bright engaged people. The school is shared with a social justice program and both students and faculty can live on campus. The program is working on distance learning and have all volunteer professors, visiting one or two weeks intensively. They are working to have professors teach from abroad.  A lot of the staff at the school are also students. Most professors teach in English with a translator however there is a strong English program at the school as well. Miranda works hard to get coursework that is related to Haiti, which is a very family and community based culture. The accredited school was established in 2012 with 24 students, but has the capacity for 50. The school is affiliated with a longstanding Haitian school and the students will present their final projects at this university. The tuition is $900 per semester. State University at Buffalo works with the curriculum and recruiting faculty.  Rotary in Waterville is a wonderful sponsor of their program!
Rotary Information: 
Quiz by Gary! Kim is our 34th president, 16 million volunteer hours each year, 65 members from 14 different countries – Rotary E Club 1 Colorado…1989 approved Service Above Self, 2002 One Profits Most Who Serves Best, May 4 1987 – Women were no longer restricted membership.
Paul Harris Award for the 8th time, Roberta!
Fall Giving Program is open and accepting applications
Amazon Smile….choose our Club!
Book Club at Bob’s was great! Next month, at the library Oct 8th 430, The Great Alone.
Putting for Polio is canceled for this year
The Bahamas project will be sending $$ and we will send $2000 from our club.
RLI classes are offered this fall, Nov 16. Everyone is encouraged to attend!
Next Week’s Speaker: Chris Rector