Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Oct 04, 2018
October 4, 2018
Jim Sharp, Transportation Museum
October 4, 2018
Buckets on the Table: Camden Area Food Pantry
Jim Sharp, Transportation Museum
Jim was a sea captain beginning in the Bahamas and relocating to Camden Maine in the 1960’s. He spent winters rebuilding boats and summer’s running tour boats for people of all walks of life. They lived for short amounts of time, together, windjamming when windjamming was the real thing! Jim was in business for 40 years, but once he retired, his wife wanted all the stuff out of the house! So they decided on creating a museum, and they add to it everyday.
Rockland was a powerhouse on the back of the industries (200 lime kilns burning day and night) creating quick lime, which was used for cement in New York. Rockland was the 4th busiest seaport in the US during the mid1800s. Lime, a highly volatile substance, was used for many things, including the bright white flash of light you saw in the old days of picture taking…this is where ‘in the limelight’ phrase comes from!
One very popular boat that was built and used for so many jobs was the Friendship Sloop, built in Friendship Maine, 50 boats were built, one boat every 2 weeks was launched from friendship. The restoration shop near the museum just spent 3 years restoring the oldest Friendship sloop, launched in Rockland after being hauled to the water by a team of oxen! A 33 foot long, 118 yr old sloop, the oldest in the world. Next summer, she will be ready to take passengers out to sea, pulling up lobster traps the old fashion way. For great and interesting music, there is a musical Jam every Sunday at the museum, 130-4:00.
Committee reports
Shields mission buckets on the table collected $385.19
Deb: Our South African student, a sophomore this year, sent a letter thanking us for uniform pieces and solar light. He is doing well and is thankful for all our assistance.
Mary: Foundation applications for January distribution are due October 19th,check the link on our website for forms.
Bruce: Daffodil bulbs for sale, $10/dozen, sales go to polio project, Think Spring!
Tim: Polio walk, Oct 20 Begins at Rockland Public Landing at 10 am, looking for $2000 in donations from West Bay, donations go to Kim.
Sarah: Satellite club had its first project this past weekend. Oct 25, 515 pm, there will be a small induction ceremony for the satellite members.
Lisa: Tiki time for October is on the 12th 5 pm, at Sheila Davenport’s, no need to bring anything but yourself!
Ray: The sponsor list coming out, please take the opportunity to ‘like’ them on face book or trip advisor, this helps shows our support for our sponsors.
Steve: There will be a parking party at the Snow Bowls February, coming up soon!
Kim: Remember to utilize the Smile Program on Amazon, choose West Bay Rotary, this is a great way to collect extra dollars for the club to share with our groups in need, tell your family and friends!
Kristin: Gary, Roberta, Steve and Sally Ann received recognition for EREY.
Satellite Club Minutes
Thursday, September 27, 2018 the West Bay Rotary Satellite met at 40 Paper from 5:15p to 6:30p.  In attendance were Heidi Karod, WBR member, Mark Bergelin (Key Bank), Abe Dugal, (Allen Financial), Hannah Sisk (Town of Rockport), Peter Lindquist (Nordx/Pen Bay), Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, WBR, Karen Hansen, Camden Rotary, and guest Ashley Hunt, board chair from the Camden Area Christian Food Pantry. 
Mark shared about the operation of the pantry and how a group like the Satellite club could help with a food drive, financial donations and possibly in the future other volunteer roles. There are drivers and helpers who deliver food once a week and the food pantry has limited hours just a few days a week at their Mt. Battie Street location (Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons).

October 25, when the satellite group meets Mary Sargent and others may join from West Bay Rotary to conduct an induction for new members. Please let Cindy know if you plan to attend so we can give the folks at WBR a head count. 
We participated in the Beech Hill Roadside Cleanup on Sunday, September 30. Participating were Mark Bergelin and his wife, Abe Dugal and his wife and son, Sarah Ruef-Lindquist and Peter Lindquist, Cindy Allen, JP Fecteau, Joan Lemole and 12 Interact members. The Cleanup area was 1 1/2 miles of Beech Hill Road, starting at the trailhead, over approximately 2 hours.
Next Sallelite meeting:  October 11, 2018 5:15p, a representative from the Knox County Homeless Coalition will be our guest to speak about their work.
Next Week’s Speaker: Razia Jan, Ray of Hope Foundation