Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Nov 01, 2019
October 31, 2019
Todays Speaker: Tibetan Monks
31 October 19
Buckets on the Table: Camden Area Food Pantry
Speaker of the Day:  Tibetan Monks, Sacred Arts Tour and Cynthia Trone

The monks are traveling the United States, on a 15 month tour, sharing a message of compassion and peace. Seven Tibetan Buddhist monks representing the Drepung Gomang Monastery are visiting; they are refugees from Tibet. There are 2000 monks in their monastery. Their mission is to share the message of compassion, and to provide a window into the ancient and precious Tibetan Culture. They have created a World Peace Sand Mandala of finely ground marble; this mandala contains all seasons and elements, religions and cultures. Dissolution of the mandala will occur where they swirl together all the granules (a display of non-attachment) and move to the harbor to release the ‘sand’ into the water for a blessing, taking place at 1100 Friday morning.
Good society and harmony, we want to be happy but we must have kindness and connectivity to others. Our world is interconnect. Tibet is a highland with snow and climate change is causing the melting of snows and worldwide weather changes to help work together for world peace. Practice compassion and cooperation with all religious practitioners, seeking true happiness; open our minds, sharing and friendships, working toward compassion worldwide. The monks were gracious in sharing a chanting session with our group.
Committee Reports
Community: 17 Warren Street in Rockland 8-12
Interact: Polio $50 raised, Meals of Hope packing was a success as well. Ronald McDonald house to prepare a meal is in the works.
Ira: next week, insulation and stairs will be complete, painting to begin in December
Meals of Hope: had 121 volunteers, packed 25,700 meals in 70 minutes! WooHoo! $6900 was raised for the project. We will try again next year if it is needed by our community. 60 million meals packed since 2007 by the Meals of Hope organization! Boxes are delivered to all our food pantries.
Fellowship: Tiki Time, Nov 15 at Bob Rubin’s. Asked to bring a dish to share, beer and wine provided.
Dec 12 Holiday Party, Paul and Marty Roger’s home
Terry’s Pie Auction! Apple caramel pecan!
Next Week’s Speaker: Dave Morrison, Camden Opera House