Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Oct 03, 2019
03 October 2019
Speaker of the Day: Kevin Bedford, Owl's Head Transportation

03 Oct 2019

Buckets on the Table: Camden Area Food Pantry

Speaker: Kevin Bedford, Owls Head Transportation – Ignite your Imagination

Kevin worked for ME photographic workshop, Lord Camden Inn before arriving at Owls Head. The museum began in the early 70’s, by Tom Watson Jr’s brain child, a committed pilot. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have some old airplanes flying around Owls Head’ was the original vision! The museum contains pre- 1940 aircraft. The smell of castor oil brings on all the memories, a lubricant of the plane engines. There are 10-12 major summer events each season on Saturday and Sundays with 40,000 visitors a year. The museum offers guided tours, vintage vehicle rides and plane rides. They are working diligently to expand programs to include all ages. Over 200 volunteers keep the museum running. The museum offers dances, craft beer tastings and annual NE auto auction, the largest fund raiser.

Rotary Minute: Bruce Malone











Rotary magazines are available in all countries around the world!


Sandy – sign up sheet for a Polio Information Day, Oct 19 at French and Braun, need 4 volunteers.

Community – Tuesday 0730. Meals for Hope Volunteers, 8 am Oct 26 at the Elks Lodge in Rockland. We need about $1000 left to raise. $4860 collected so far!

Entrepreneurship class starting Oct 9

Interact completed a road side clean up, 5 new members.

Fellowship – Octoberfest?

Next Week’s Speaker: Robert Deetjen, Midcoast School of Technology