Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Oct 25, 2019
24 Oct 2019
Today's Speaker:  Club Assembly
24 October 2019
Buckets on the Table: Camden Area Food Pantry
Today’s Speaker: Club Assembly
Secretary’s Report: George -Goals from RI – we are doing very well, membership is one area we still need to work on, District goal- if you attend another club’s meeting, let George know! Event records are current. Website Home page is being reorganized to allow for easier access for cell phone viewers! We are still looking for new ideas for this project. If updates to calendar are needed, send to George. In February, will need a new storage location for all our Rotary things!
Treasure’s Report: Kristin – We are solvent! We are ahead of last year. 6k netted for fund raising events, changes donations are around $900, 6k for membership dues.
Membership: We are almost ready for the nonprofit memberships
Interact: They are growing!
International: Susan – proceeding as usual for ongoing projects. Completed a grant for Hands Across the Sea. We are sponsoring a library! Members will be visiting the Water Fountain project in Yucatan next week.
Foundation: Etienne – Monies coming in and going out! There are District grants we can take part in. $5859 annual fund giving for our club; we are well ahead of other clubs in our district. There are many members that have enough points to give a Paul Harris Award, see Etienne.
Community Service: Mark – Generate ideas and are always looking for more projects! We have a lot of hands on projects; Special Olympics, habitat, public landing projects. Currently have 26 donation requests.
Club Administration: Mark - If you do not want to eat/pay for breakfast, on a quarterly basis, you do not need to pay. Let Kristin know the quarter before (Jan 1 is the next date). However, coffee will be $2 is you do not choose to pay the breakfast fee. (Coffee is included in the breakfast fee)
Vocational: Jim – Entrepreneurship class is currently running. Scholarships are several months away, and we have set aside $2,000 for vocational/technical students.
Youth Exchange: STEP – short term program, currently recruiting students for this program. International programs are currently filled.
Charitable Foundation: Deb – we have a $12,000 endowment looking to invest. Donations are accepted any time.
Nominating Committee: Mary – The committee has met. 2023 President will be Lisa Dresser!
Meals for Hope this Saturday!! 9am to 12 at the Elk's in Rockland
Christmas Trees: Terry/Bob – lost our vendor, so we are collecting new vendors for the coming season.
Next Week’s Speaker:  Tibetan Monks