15 October 2020
15 October 2020
Pre-meeting Chatter! – Everyone is supporting No Make Up Mornings! Computer difficulties for Zoom meetings (technology or user issues?) Florida weather is too hot today!
Buckets on the Table:  Camden Food Pantry (drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box – or website donation site).
Poem for the Day: Kristen Lindquist – A Sociable Club Called West Bay, Next Week – Roberta Walker
Davis grew up in Maine and went to NYU, Tessa grew up in Mass. They are ‘Scrap Dog Community Compost’. They pickup waste in the community, compost and return to the community. Organics, paper, plastics and other waste are included in compost processing. Landfills are buried and can contaminate water sources. Incineration is another method but can be harmful to environment as well. Food waste generates methane, a bad gas to move into the atmosphere. Compost (aerobic) and Digestion (anaerobic) methods of organic management. Compost can be used for agricultural projects. 97% of waste in the US is industrial, only 3% is residential. Therefore we must hold industries responsible for waste management. Recycling is great but there is more involved. One third of food is considered waste but could be used to help others.
Why Compost? Use waste to make viable products, builds soil health, increases plant health, and fights climate change. Scrap Dogs, began in 2018, is also starting to develop a food delivery site. Recently were awarded a grant with Bo Lait by Maine DEP. Looking to develop food stuffs to other edible products. The business is growing and expanding! Services are provided free to food pantries.
Committee Reports:
Book Club: The Splendid and the Vile is on for one more month, Nov 10th, 5 pm
Community: Next Habitat Project is Oct 17th, and will be indoors this time. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! We can have as many volunteers from now on, Come Join Us!! Wear your Bling! Bring rotary items to store in the trailer, let Sandy know and he will help. The trailer is located at Peter’s!
Satellite: 40 more tickets to sell for the painting.
Christmas Tree Sales are rapidly approaching! On line signup for Christmas Tree Sales, begins the day after Thanksgiving. Westbaysignup.com. note: need cashiers and tree loaders. Thursday – Sunday shifts only. Sat, Nov 21 for setup date, tree delivery is a couple days later. Would like members to take 3 shifts each if possible!!