Posted by Joan LeMole on Dec 04, 2018
November 29, 2018
Speaker, Tim Carroll, Sheriff Elect of the Knox County Sheriff's Office.
Speaker, Tim Carroll, Sheriff Elect of the Knox County Sheriff's Office.
Background: Tim Carroll was born in Camden and has served in law enforcement for 28 years.  He graduated from the University of Maine in law enforcement and became deputy in 2009.  From there he moved to lieutenant, then chief deputy under Donna Dennison.  He and his wife, Heidi, have two children. 
During his upcoming tenure that starts 1/1/19, Tim wants to work on four areas:
1.  Domestic Violence: There has been an increase in reporting such that there are six reports weekly.  Half of the homicides have domestic roots.  When strangulation is involved, homicides are ten times more likely.  Plea agreements often see the number of days served reduced to very few. 
2.  Drugs: 80% of those in the 70-bed Knox County Jail are in for drug-related charges.  There is a need to educate proactively, to partner with others, and to assist those who are recovering with housing and job placement.
3.  Active Threats such as Shootings (defined as four or more people killed).  Carroll would like to see an increase in law enforcement presence at schools, even if done through such programs as DARE that may only be one hour daily.  Safety plans and collaborative work with area organizations (places of worship, mental health) are essential.
4.  Traffic Safety/ Erratic Drivers: Knox County has two certified instructors in OUIs and one for car seat certification.  The office applies for grants aimed at programs to curb the incidence of distracted driving.
Questions asked by members pertained to the use of Narcan, carrying weapons, texting while driving, law enforcement presence at the Knox County Airport, proactive education regarding domestic violence, and recidivism.
Committee Reports:
Fellowship: Holiday Party 5 p.m. on 12/13 at the Rogers' home.  Bring dessert or appetizer and own beverages.
Foundation: D. Hyssong, M. Nash and M. Pierce completed their EREY contribution for this year.
Christmas Tree Sales: Going well with $3,500 in trees, garland and wreaths sold thus far.
Buckets on the table for Midcoast Recovery Coalition
Auctioned plate of Christmas cookies made by D. Fink to Marti Martens for $35.
RLI: Leamon noted that many clubs were impressed with West Bay's level of activity.
Next Week's Speaker: Rick Cantz, Goodwill of Northern New England