Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Nov 21, 2019
21 November 2019
21 November 19
Buckets on the Table: Shields Mission
Rotary Information: International responsibilities as a Rotarian
Today’s Speaker: Doug Ibarguen-District Grants
Wheel of Cheese project for the disaster in Farmington raised over $10,000!
District Grants (as opposed to Global grants) offer flexibility to clubs and can be local or international must be spent within 12 months of receiving the money. They are funded by District Designated Fund (SHARE). District can use up to 50% of the DDF, unused funds are returned to the DDF. Next year’s qualifying grants are due by May 31, 2020. The areas of focus for the grants are as follows:
Peace Building & conflict Prevention
Disease Prevention & Treatment
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Maternal & Child Health
Basic Education & Literacy
Community Economic Development
There were 1306 grants awarded, with over $86M given out last year. The Foundation has a 4 star evaluation rating. Some projects from last year include playgrounds, food pantries, wheelchair project, musical instruments for playgrounds, mini libraries, and international projects!
West Bay Rotary: One Less Worry “Shed your Worry” shed and Yucatan 5 water fountain project.
A new $2M grant, one per year, is set up for a global project starting in January 2020.
Committee Reports
Deb: One of the students we have been supporting since the 8th grade, is graduating from the school of social work after this year!
Tree Sales:  Set up on Saturday and trees get here on Wednesday!  Sales begin on Friday!
Christmas party, Dec 12, 5 pm at Paul and Martha Rogers!
Box Tops are being collected!
Next Week: No Meeting!  Happy Thanksgiving! The week after…Election of Officers