Posted by Sarah Ruef-Lindquist on Nov 05, 2017
Etienne Perret on the Rotary Foundation
Mik asked Chum Berry to come to the podium to share a thought for the day. Chum shared that his house still doesn't have electricity. 
Buckets on the Table are the Camden Area Christian Food Pantry.
Etienne Perret spoke about the Rotary Foundation. Arch Klumpf was the first Rotarian to recognize the need to build a fund to support the work that Rotarians were trying to do. He made his initial contribution in 1917, and the Foundation was formed as an endowment in 1928. Since then more than $3BN has been spent on projects worldwide.  The initial focus was on children's health, then international study and world peace, including Group Study Exchange, and now Vocational Training Teams. He shared a video from Rotary celebrating the first 100 years of the Foundation.
He explained the system now of $5,000 District Grants and $30,000 Global Grants, involving Districts raising $6000 for the matching Funds that result in $30,000 or more, as was done by Mike Moore and the water project in Tanzania. The District Grant is a two-page application. The maximum from the District is $2,000 or $2,500. The District weighs a club's contributions to the Foundation in making its grants, and the average per member must be $40, and some clubs do not meet that minimum, but West Bay does. 
Rotary has focal areas that include child and maternal health and drinking water. Criterial include the need assessment and sustainability dimensions of the project. Rotary's polio eradication efforts have been tremendously successful. The world is almost completely free of Rotary after years and years of immunization drives in places like India and African countries. Ann Lee Hussey, on her 28th Polio Immunization trip from District 7780 reports there are just a few cases left in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Gates Foundation provides a 2:1 match for gifts to Rotary's Polio eradication efforts. 
Terry Bregy shared his annual Hammacher Schlemmer Dillemmer. He receives his Rotary Magazine and the catalog and is conflicted about whether to make a gift to EREY or order some of the frivolous items offered by the retailer. He encouraged all to consider a gift to the Foundation to support their many programs.
Mike announced that we are sending $1000 to North Naples Rotary to help victims of Hurricane Irma.
Dec. 2 2017 Membership Seminar in Waterville, and the Dressers are presenting.
Bob Rubin announced the beginning of Christmas Tree sales later this month at Maine Sport's parking lot. He, the Finks and Terry are the committee. There will be a heater in the shed this year. Sign up sheets are available, and members are asked to sign up for 2 - 3 shifts at a minimum. Ray Fink shared that there would be a decorated gift shop in the shed, including glass ornament classes, alpaca products and other gifts to sell with trees and wreaths. There will be opportunities to meet Lucky the Duck and Santa, too.
Last night's Best of the Best included recognition of West Bay Rotary, where the club also had display. 
Kristen Lindquist recognized Terry Bregy for his EREY participation.
Mark Masterson announced that last Tuesday a group went to the Snowbowl and helped fix the siding on the shed by Hosmer Pond, and a clipboard is being circulated for 9-11a toboggan chute related work this Saturday, November 4, 2017. They'll meet at the Bagel Cafe at 8a before heading over to the Snowbowl. 
Next Wednesday, the committee will be reviewing grant applications, meeting at Mary Sargent's office at Quarry Hill. 
Mike Pierce updated on the window dressers project and the Belfast Build they attended last week. Our build is November 18, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It will involved Interact, the families getting windows and the Camden Club, 10 in the morning, 10 in the afternoon. He'll share a link to sign up.
Next week Ken Gardiner will be the speaker on "You can't take it with you".
Etienne is helping the Farmington Club with a cheese wheel fundraiser.