Posted on Jul 12, 2017
July 6, 2017
Buckets on the table – backpack program
Barbara Heard reported on the program - We ask LL Bean to donate backpacks – members of the club donate to the buckets or buy items.
They go to students who need the backpacks and the supplies.
What kind of stuff are we filling them with
Pens, pencils, 3-ring binders, calculators, pencil boxes, erasers
Tora Decker Griffith
Youth Exchange Spain

Last year she went to spain for 10.5 months
Aranda De Duero
30,000 people
Very dry dessert climate
Capital of Ribera Del Duero wine region – lots of vineyards in the region
Every single town has a central plaza – the plazas are filled with kids. 
Houses in Spain are usually very tiny.  Tora was fortunate to live in large beautiful home.
Had to take public transportation in Spain – first time taking public transportation. 
3 large rotary districts in Spain
70% of the exchange students she met were Americans.  She was a little disappointed since she wanted to meet folks from other countries. 
Agreed to participate in a 5K because she didn’t recognize the word for 5k.  Had to Google it and couldn’t believe she agreed to do this race.  The first 1,000 finishers got a bottle of wine.
Took a trip Bourkos – well known city in Spain. 
Cathedral is very old – had several different rooms and each room was designed by a different artist.
School – Junior & Senior years are different.  Huge test at the end of the year for Spanish students that decides whether they can go to college.  The school was bi-lingual, but she took all courses in Spanish.
Holiday Season
The winter holidays include Christmas, NY and the day of Kings.  They celebrate Christmas only because Americans too.  Co-workers give each other pig legs.  Came home from school and there was a leg in the kitchen.  They cost anywhere from 50-300 euro.  Giving & receiving legs – they last all year.
Live action Nativity – people in costume just standing still in costume.  Very cold.
How did you do in the all Spanish speaking classes?
For a little while it was difficult – but it got easier.
Pat Manley – Stove Project in Guatemala
Masons on a Mission
Goal to build efficient, clean building cook stoves.
Work with local folks in Guatemala – Ishey came to Maine for her first vacation ever.
Thanks so much for welcoming us to talk about the stove project.
Want to say thank you on behalf of the lives that it is changing.
Most of the women cook with open fires – smoke is in the kitchen – causes eye & respiratory problems.
Decrease the amount of wood that you have to use. 
Help the women to have more free time – with an open fire, it takes longer to good your food.  It brings the family together.
They provide leadership training & literacy skills.
Thanks so much for your support of the program.
Peter Burke –
Recognize some folks
Susan Dorr & Jen Harris
Paul Harris Award – to Kristen Lindquist for all the work she does to keep the organization in good finances.

Boats & Harbors – sign ups are now available.
Mark Coursey
3 sheets being distributed
Habitat on Saturday
8a – noon
2 forest road in Warren
Next Monday, July 10 – window dressers – 4p
20 mechanic street
Training for measuring
Approximately 90 minute training
63 Washington Street
Painting – July 22 & 23
Sunday, July 23 – Beer garden
Lobster Ride – Bicycle coalition
Next weeks speaker
Joel LaFleur – Electronic Medical Records