Posted by Sarah Ruef-Lindquist on Aug 07, 2017
July 27 and August 3, 2017 Meetings

July 27, 2017 - DG Erlenbach

Members were reminded to return the completed information sheet to George Abendroth for updating the Club Runner and MyRotary web information.

Buckets on the table continue to support the backpack program. Many Thanks.


DG Lincoln Ehrlenbach spoke in praise regarding West Bay’s 100% participation in rotary foundation and that our work with vocational scholarships, heating oil assistance, literacy program, polio plus, Christmas trees, challenges, windjammer days, e-waste, duck derby, habitat and hospitality house was commendable.

He also noted that we received the district grant for the water fountain project in Mexico.

DG Ehrlenbach reflected on RI President Ian Riseley’s words at RI national “We are beginning something together” President Riseley provided a call to action that DG Ehrlenbach echoed and encouraged our club to continue the strong work we do with our polio plus walk, commitment to every Rotarian every year, enhancing our public image and that of Rotary International in turn. If we focus on strengthening membership, humanitarian acts and improving public image we will be fulfilling the RI President Riseley’s theme of “Rotary: Making a Difference”

DG Ehrlenbach then showed his power point regarding the wheelchair project which is his Governor’s project for his Rotary year. A moving tribute to the wonderful work that has begun and will continue making a difference for some of the 22 million victims of mobility issues worldwide. He welcomes any member to accompany him on a delivery/distribution trip.

DG Ehrlenbach then endured the cross examination by our own Terry Bregy regarding his qualification to be District Governor. This annual humorous excursion that Mr. Bregy foists upon all incoming DGs is always entertaining and DG Erlenbach took it in the manner in which it was intended and enjoyed the levity.


Ken Gardner received his Paul Harris plus 1.

Bob Williams reminded all to sign up for working the gates for Boats Homes & Gardens show.

Gretchen will train us next week.

Mark Coursey reported that at 63 Washington Street the initial phase of repainting etc…is done and that we need to do touch up and another coat this week 7/29 8 a.m. for a couple of hours

Michael Ames will be next week’s speaker.

August 3, 2017 - Maine Ocean School

George Abendroth encouraged members to complete the update on the website.  See him if you need the paper version or more help accessing the website.
Barbara has 50 backpacks from LLBean and she is in the process of contacting shools and food pantries, and determining needs for contents, and will let people know what those are, and of course, is accepting cash donations for the project as well.  
Etienne Perret introduced the speakers from Maine Ocean School in Searsport, Michael Ames and Michael Flanagan, Maine's newest magnet school. They shared, and images from their website. Both Mike's are merchant marines. An experience in drumming up workers for building warships in the 1990's brought home the need for more martitime training which launched the maritime training program at the vocational school in Rockland. 2 years ago they met with the governor about a charter school, which lead to meeting with the representative from Searsport, James Gilway, which resulted in the proposal to the legislative committees that have all favorably received the idea.  They have land or access to land in Waldo county around Searsport, Stockton Springs and Sears island, but not a building as of yet.  They seek to get the best and brightest with passion for the marine trades to attend the school, with a rigorous academic curriculum, providing a merchant mariners document by age 16, that they can use for work or further schooling. They are looking for money to support what the state won't. They have learned from other countries that they support building the pipeline of personnel starting in high school, which the US does not. They feel that the ocean is the "hook" for this program. Currently it is 100% volunteer, and with a curriculum in place, it has received legislative approval for funding.  Their marine tracks described on the website are where they are bringing the professional skills to the high school level. They plan to do recruitment at the middle school level, and have a goal of 20 students for the first class. They plan to launch in the fall of 2018, with a four-year high school program. They will be the second magnet school, like the Maine School of Science and Mathematics in Limestone, in Maine.  
Guests were here from the Maine Boats Homes and Harbors show to talk about the event where we will staff the gates, as we have for many years, in exchange for a $3000 payment from the show.
 There was a report on the work done at 63 Washington Street by Mark Coursey. Window Dresser volunteers will meet today after the meeting, to touch base about a few details.
Heidi Karod reported on Interact.  Some have said they hadn't heard from them in awhile, one of the officers is Ella Pierce and another member is Robin Walker Spencer, meeting Wednesdays after school at 3p in the CHRHS library, and Karen Hansen would like to have Rotarians come from West Bay and learn about what we do in the community. They are planning a muffin sale in the mooring field soon.
Next week's speaker is the CEO of Pen Bay/Waldo hospital, Mark Foure.  
President Mik ended the meeting with another of his moments.