Posted on Jul 18, 2017
July 13, 2017
Buckets on the table – Backpack program
Member info sheets – please complete
Joel LaFleur, MD – Maine Medical Center
Electronic Medical Records – Pen Bay Medical Center
Joel was a practicing surgeon for about 25 years – Became interested in this field – sees his job as a liaison between information folks & physicians.
Got a masters degree in biomedical information – concerned with healthcare & computers work together.  EMR is just one part of that.
Parent corporation is the parent corporation
13 members & 4 affiliates
Largest employer in the state
Pen Bay Medical Center and Waldo County General Hospital merged as Coastal Healthcare Alliance in December 2015
The company EPIC kept a low profile until recently.  
It is a privately held company. Single largest EMR vendor in the country. 
Started by going to the largest healthcare systems.  
They have exhausted the US market and are expanding into foreign markets – UAE and Netherlands. 
Value of having an EMR – allows for us to share medical records fairly easily.
1 Patient 1 Record
We all share the same chart – only one copy of your medication list, diagnosis, etc.
Security & privacy protections – anytime you open a record there is an electronic tag that indicates who has been on your chart. 
There are protections around certain types of files.
MyChart Patient Portal
Your records are available to you and the clinicians.  You can see lab, pathology and imaging results.  Considering putting physician notes in MyChart.  You can send messages to your providers through MyChart.  Encourage everyone to get a MyChart account – it is very useful.
As a patient can you opt out of sharing between doctors?
Outside of the system yes – you can ask for a record of everyone who has accessed your account. 
What’s the responsibility of the patient to update their info?
One of Joel’s pet peeves – a lot of practices still ask you to fill out forms.  We all have a responsibility to make sure that the information is correct.  You have a right to see all of that info.  If there is incorrect info on the chart it is important to get it updated.
MaineHeatlh Cardiologists are currently in a different EMR – will be transitioned into MyChart in the upcoming years.  Imaging uses a different system, but they interface electronically.  We don’t have the time, money & people to do all of this work done at one time.  It is a work on progress.
How does being a surgeon provide you with the skills to do this work?  Other physicians respect physicians more so than they respect folks with computer science degrees.  We understand each other.
Rick Tasker – Newest member of our club
Committee Reports
Bob – Boats Homes & Harbors
1 month left until the event.  We need 48 people to fulfill the volunteer needs for this event.  Please sign up or recruit your friends. 
International Rotary Convention – House of Friendship at National Meeting.  Highlighting the stove project in the House of Friendship.  Pat Manley from Masons on a Mission is interested in participating.  Meeting in Toronto in June.  Details to follow.
Community Service
63 Washington Street
2 day project – need more people to sign up.
Had a great turnout & good time building on the tiny house.
July 22 & July 29
Had a great meeting/training with window dressers.
Will need folks for the build
Bike Event
Sunday, July 23 – breakfast
Sign up – we will be putting breakfast together and selling breakfast that day.
Between 4a – 8a
Monday, July 17 at the Seadog – 5p – coordinating meeting
Beer Garden – need two more people for the afternoon shift.  Will piggyback on Mary’s meeting for planning.
Next week - Michael Aimes – Maine Ocean School