Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Jan 27, 2019
January 24, 2019
Camden Rockport Middle School Japan Exchange Program

January 24, 2019

Buckets on the Table: Camden Area District Nursing Association

Speaker: Camden Rockport Middle School Japan Exchange Program

The program began in 1999 as an opportunity to promote goodwill and communication between the US and Japan. The 8th grade students chosen for the program represent the 4 core values of the school: Grit, Kindness, Self-Control and Responsibility. The students spend 7 days with host families in each country. They visit sites and schools and learn about each other’s cultures and lifestyles. The students need to raise $30,000. They have raised $20,000 so far. Rotary contributed a donation to the program.

Presentation of donations:

Rosie’s Hugs- gives stuffed animals to kids in local emergency department and are hopeful to expand program to include local law enforcement. They have donated 1600 stuffed animals so far!







U Rock – Donation begins a new student with a first course or scholarship, serves about 500 local students







Community Investors of Knox County – provides outreach funding for grants for people in need. The monies are used for car repairs, legal fees, clothing, housing, etc. Promotes individualized giving opportunities. 5 different cases will be assisted with our donation







One Less Worry – goes toward 2000 bladder pads, works with 20 other food pantry organizations







Midcoast Recreation – 5 skating aids for new skaters







Committee Reports

Super Bowl football pool: $10 square, see Sandy

International – meeting at 8 am Monday in Mayflower room

Youth exchange – Belfast student is going on exchange in Mexico, we may be working with another club to rebuild long term program, 0700 Feb 15, if you are interested, see George

Fund raising – chili contest, looking for sponsors, $75. Need a few more volunteers for 2nd shift. Parking at snow bowl, 4 more spots to fill! See Steve

Tiki time 5 Seadogs, Friday night, upstairs, games night Feb 15 at Jan and George’s!

Next week: Club assembly