23 January 2020
Speakers of the Day:  Carolyn Ferguson, Rotary Foundation and Peter Garrett, Citizen's Climate
23 January 2020
Buckets on the Table: Rescue Relief for Australia
Speaker of the Day: Peter Garrett, Citizen’s Climate
President of Waterville club. An Earth scientist since youth, Peter became involved in 2014 with Citizen Climate Lobby that meets with members of congress. Coal, oil, natural gas, renewables make up carbon emissions. Carbon Dividends outlines a plan for cutting carbon dioxide emissions by pricing carbon fuels, returning the proceeds equitably to every household.  Eighty percent of US imports are from countries already with carbon pricing. There are now no fewer than seven carbon pricing bills being considered in the house, four of which are bipartisan. The favorite is HR763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.
Carolyn Ferguson, staff member of Rotarian Foundation, based in Canada works with 15 districts. A generational Rotarian and a gift officer for the foundation. 2019 highlights – Check out fact card found online and Charity navigator (100% for 12 years in a row).
1 Polio – there was a spike in polio last year to 156 cases (why? Politics in Afghanistan and Pakistan). Rotary placed 10 water filtration systems to help in the area and we are back in business. Types 2 and 3 polio are eradicated therefore we can now focus on only Type 1. The Gates Foundation will continue with rotary till 2023 meeting matching donations 2:1.
2 Peace Centers – 1200 peace fellows have graduated and are working all across the world. We are adding 4 new centers and expanding programs from 3 months to 12 months.
3 Grants – district and global grants available, local and international. Rotary members think BIG. Water and sanitation, disease prevention and treatment, education and literacy.
Committee Reports:
Satellite Club – West Bay Team won the Grand Prize and will be giving to Shield’s Mission Project, $1350
Terry from Mark - They won’t be making yard sticks any longer
Book Club: 430 pm, Feb 12, Good Talk
Chili Challenge: signup sheet still going around!
Painting on Saturday for Ira
Parking still needs some Sunday afternoon assistance.
Satellite Club:


Next Week’s Speaker:  Tina Chapman/Rhoda Reads, Rotary Program