Posted by Sarah Ruef-Lindquist on Jan 22, 2018
Trina Kuykendall Classification Talk
The buckets on the table this month will benefit the Shields Mission Project.
Trina Kuykendall (pronounced "Kirkendall")gave her Classification Talk. She is a Laboratory Manager at Nordx. She is from central Illinois and moved to Maine almost 9 years ago, accepting a quality control position at Pen Bay, and since moved into management of the laboratories at Pen Bay and Waldo in Belfast. She studied biology and medical technology at the University of Illinois, and then an advanced certificate of Business Administration. She's worked in both the for profit and non profit sector as well as internationally and has moved around looking for new challenges. For a time she worked for an outdoor outfitter. She considers herself a scientist. She believes in always looking for new challenges and enjoying the journey. She believes her life purpose is to find a sustainable joy in life, through gratitude and compassion. She had her own version of three truths and a lie. She has piloted a glider,  donefree -all parachuting and raced a hot air balloon, despite a fear of heights. She came to Maine on an Outward Bound trip on Hurricane Island, and then spent a week at the Whitehall and after spending a month in Maine somewhat disconnected, decided she wanted to move, and then started beading jewelry, and glass artwork. She had completed life coach coursework when in Illinois and had worked with businesses dealing with staff issues, and in career change, and believes in ongoing education. She has developed her own vision statement and helping her subordinates do the same. She gets satisfaction out of witnessing people do things they didn't think they could do. 
Ron Hall had EREY recognition to give to Tom Chester and Trina Kuykendall. 
Etienne Perret received a new Paul Harris award with 3 rubies indicating his multiple gifts of $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation.
Mik shared that a group outing with the Camden Club that Barry King is moving is still being planned for February 2.
Leamon Scott reminded us that the Chili Challenge is February 10 at the Seadog, and is looking for sponsors.
Steve Dailey is circulating a sign up sheet for parking on February 10 and 11 for Toboggan Nationals.
Peter Berke has a group meeting Friday afternoon to talk about plans for the Duck Derby.
There is a Habitat for Humanity work project January 27 from 8 - 12, a duplex rehab work project, insulation, sheetrock or painting, being organized by Mark Coursey.
Next week's speaker is Shelly Butler from PAWS.