April 27, 2017
West Bay Rotary
Club Assembly
Buckets on the Table – Last week for the Ripple Initiative
Looking for new ideas for May & June
Financial – We are in a good position financially.  Would like to make sure that all members are paid in full before the end of Peters time in office.
Had surplus in “buckets” fund – asked the club to vote on where it should go.  Club offered up:  Backpacks, Knox County Recovery Coalition & a refugee family in Thomaston.  Club voted & selected the Thomaston refugee family.
Bi-Laws Update
BOD will be updating some portions of the materials and we will send it out to members to review updates.  Are the changes substantive or procedural?  Mostly just formatting.  We have a committee organizational structure.  We are tweaking that document to ensure that it reflects our current structure.
Presidents Project
Hospitality House – Have a lot of discussions going on with the Hospitality House. 
1.Barn roof repair – Peter Burke is taking to Peter Horch about repair. 
2.Walking path – trying to schedule a date defined – will be asking for some volunteers to help out.  Likely a one day project.
3.Driveway & road repair – Looking for us to come & supervise – helping to define where the roads, driveways are.
4.Habitat for Humanity – Women’s Build – May 8.  Trailer mounted mini house.  1 of 15 houses they plan to build this year.  The idea is that they will drop 15 mini homes behind the hospitality house.
5.Trying to do a collaboration project with Rotaract to do a window dressers project either at Hospitality House or for those folks who are Hospitality House beneficiaries.
This was a fun, team effort.  Everyone dove in and took care of everything.  Great signage by Joe Ryan.  Jake Barber came out and smoothed out the areas for traffic, it was great.  The layout worked really well.  Hopefully next year we will have paint recycling.  Great PR this year – couldn’t get out without giving a donation – thanks Deb!  $4,500 raised – 8,200 pounds of paper (doubled from last year).  Spoke about earmarking $500 to donate to Rockport for recycling bins.  Community Service meeting agenda – ways we can improve the event next year.
Duck Derby
Saturday, May 27
2:00 p.m.
Please sell your tickets – still have a couple openings to sell tickets
The bridge is scheduled to be open on May 25.
We are going to drop behind the Smiling Cow
Single largest fundraiser for the year.
In conjunction with the Duck Derby – next year have a Duck Waddle 5k.
Children’s tent this year?  If someone wants to manage that we can do it.
See Heidi if you want to participate – coloring contest – kids duck pond
Jim Potter - Scholarships – 35 applications (8-10 less) this year.  Over the next 2-3 weeks the committee will review applications and make our decisions and let the school and the club know.  We invite recipients to come & talk to the club during the xmas holidays.
Lisa Dresser
Membership – Co-Chairs of the district 7790 Maine membership committee.  West Bay is considered a role model in the management of the club.  We are going to have a conversation about the direction of membership for our club May 3, 6p at Tim & Lisa’s house.  We welcome anyone to participate.
New Brochure & business cards – keep them on you so that they can discover more about us.
Leamon - Sponsorships are an important part of our fundraising - they help us offset the costs of what we do.  It also gives our sponsors an opportunity to show off what they do.  We have identified 5 major events that lend themselves to sponsorships.  Traditionally we have asked for sponsorships for each event individually.  There is now an annual sponsorship opportunity.  We have our first signature sponsor – in Rockport Automotive. 
Youth Exchange
Good news – 2 very successful outbound exchanges.  Nat Lawson in Argentina & Tora Decker Griffith in Spain.  Nat will be speaking to the Camden Rotary – it would be great if members of our club could attend Nat’s presentation.  In bound – we had Jay from Thailand.  He is having a great experience.  Army from Paraguay also having a great year.  Next year we are having no outbound/inbound/short term exchange next year.  Numbers are way down all over the nation for rotary exchange.  Challenges getting host families – challenges with the political climate.  We have a plan for how we want to reenergize youth exchange.  We need leadership from Rotary who want to stay engaged on the district level.  At the district level there is a requirement for an outbound & an inbound coordinator.  Current incumbents have been doing it for years and they are tapped out.  They need to find someone to take those two jobs – Joan from Camden has agreed to take on the role of District Chair. 
Next week after the speaker is Club Assembly Continued…