Camden Rockport Middle School - The Middle Matters

George Abendroth & Maria Libby presented the plan
The vote for this project has been moved from November to June 13
We want to make sure that the middle schoolers have a safe place to get a quality education.
Building a NEW school makes most sense – both financially AND academically
Valuable investment to community and in our children’s future
We have a first rate school program that should be supported by a healthy and safe facility, configured for learning in the 21st century, and that reflects our value for education!
CRMS offers premium education, but the building is FAILING around hard working students and staff
The current building is patchwork of construction built over nearly 100 years (MET built 1925; additions in 1955, 1965, 1980 and 2000)
The mechanical systems are outdated and overextended, and they will require major investment (over $10 million) and updates in very near future
The building layout is sprawling (31000 sq ft (or about 25%) too large), difficult to navigate, does not meet current standards, and wastes energy
There is no solution that is cost free
Repairs to current building is $16 million – these patches won’t address any of the environmental, safety & efficiency issues.
A NEW school will have a life cycle of 50+ years and will address all mechanical, structural, safety and environmental concerns
Yes, a new building has a higher price tag ($26 Million), however, that cost will provide the community with building that is an asset to the community, benefiting future generations.
A new school will cut operating costs and will benefit the students immeasurably
Building now takes advantage of lower interest rates, saving taxpayers millions of dollars
A NEW school is the most cost effective, long term solution and it improves the educational opportunities for our students during these important years.
Tax impact of NEW school (versus current facility) is annual increase of <$40 per $100k of property value (future cost will only grow)
A strong school system and quality infrastructure also positions our community as a more attractive retirement destination
It will add to the vitality of any community
If approved, construction would begin June 2018, with new school opening in August 2020
If you have any questions – please reach out to Maria Libby or George Abendroth?
Where will the kids go to school during the construction?
They will be able to use the current structure – but they would lose the athletic fields during that time
Why did you move the vote?  The snow bowl budget announcement may have a negative impact on this vote.  When the decision was made to shift the date, the snow bowl audit wasn’t even public yet.
Will it be LEED certified?
No – one of the concerns is that we have about LEED certification is that it costs significantly more to certify the building.
When does the Bond mature?
High School – 2022  - Only carrying $200,000 in debt for the high school because the state is offsetting the cost.  Elementary School – 2035 maturing
So much traffic on the street – will it be adjusted?
There is not a lot of receptivity from the town to change that to 2-way.
What are the plans for the gymnasium?
Will keep the high school size gymnasium – the only space where all of the students fit – to accommodate
Will have a 250 seat mini theater
If the bond passes – there will be some targeted fundraising for spaces.
What are the current plans for the tech school?
The high school will pay $600,000 per year as a result of the increase in the bond.
7 members who brought 10 guests.
Member winner – Mary Sargent
Guest winner – Andy Nestor
We give a contribution to a non-profit on their behalf
New Middle School Site Plan
New School Design