Posted by Trina Kuykendall on May 03, 2019
02 May 2019
Judith Lydon, Camden Area District Nursing
02 May 2019
Buckets on the Table: Camden Public Library
Today’s Speaker: Judith Lydon, Camden Area District Nursing
 Judith is the Director of Camden Area District Nursing and has been with the organization for 10 years. Next year, the organization will 100 years! It was identified, in 1920 Camden, that a public nurse was needed and this group was organized. They currently employ 6 nurses. They encourage people to age in their own homes as well as help your neighbor! They run by word of mouth, charge weekly $25 visit or what you can pay. They serve Camden, Rockport, Hope and Lincolnville. Anyone can refer anyone. They provide medication management, wellness checks, injections, etc. West Bay’s donation help provide Medication Alarm Boxes for 7 individuals ($100/box).
Speaker, Part 2:
Ken Gardner, a past professional wrestler from Memphis. He spent his youth watching wrestling. Worked at FedEx for a number of years and informed his new staff that they needed to be aware that he was once a pro wrestler…Handsome Kenny Gardner…and created his own legend that evolved into where he is today! When he relocated to Maine…the legend came with him…and the story got even better, strut and all! Ask for one of his Kenny action figures and get your pic taken with his Championship belt!
We have our new Paul Harris Banner! We will be updating the banner twice a year!
Looking for a partner for Bob and the Christmas Tree Sale program! We need someone as soon as possible.
Satellite Club: Speaker was Ira Mandel. The group is getting larger and needs a new space to meet. Any ideas?
EREY: More to hand out!
Community Service: next Friday, Special Olympics!  Join us! Jazz in June, 14-16 in Camden. West Bay will help park cars and sell tickets on Saturday afternoon. We are being added as a sponsor to the event!
Interact: May 18th, road side clean up! Join us!
Scholarship, May 15 meeting
Fellowship: Paint night was Wonderful! Sunday May 19th Brunch at George and Jan’s.
E Waste: Great Event! Everyone did a wonderful job!! $5264 raised!! 381 people ran through the event. 8800 pounds of shredded paper!
Duck Derby: Need more to sign up….This week needs more volunteers! Online sales of 26 books of tickets so far, great participation. Got a little negative press regarding the ducks getting loose, we are working on new ways collect all the ducks. We will have a contest after the race for picking up stray ducks, winner will receive dinner for 2 in Camden.
Next Week’s Speaker: Nathanial Wheelwright, Naturalist