Board and Committee Pages
West Bay Rotary Board Minutes -- Meeting of May 1, 2019
Attendees: George Abendroth; Mary Sargent; Kristen Lindquist; Jim Potter; Kim Milton; Joan LeMole; Leamon Scott; Lisa Dresser; Mik Mikkelsen; Ken Gardiner; Ray Fink; Deborah Fink; Etienne Perret; Mark Coursey; Mark Bergelin; Sandy Cox; ADG Tim Dresser; George Forristall
Meeting called to order by President Mary at 7:00 am.
  1. Secretary Report (George A.)
  • Minutes of April 3, 2019 Board Meeting were sent out prior to meeting. No comments made. Board approved minutes.
  • Attendance for April 2019 = 65.05%; YTD (since July 2018) = 67.82%.  NO Satellite Club meetings’ attendance inputs were provided for April.
  • West Bay Rotary Membership Numbers are currently 89 total (86 active (11 are Satellite Club members) and 3 honorary members) as of today’s meeting.
  • West Bay Rotary Calendar updated with speaker updates through balance of year; Changes/additions to Club website completed, including addition of link for the Club’s major fundraisers on the WBR website.
  • For next month’s Board meeting, all Board members are again asked to identify recommendations for changes to the Club’s website (and provide inputs to George).
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Kristen)
  • The April Financial Report was discussed and approved by the Board. It was noted that the catering costs need to be closely monitored, given the irregular billings that we receive. It was also noted we have received a large number of EREY donations, which will be recognized at Thursday’s Club meeting.
  • 4th quarter invoices have been sent to all members, and reminders have been sent to all overdue ARs.
  • A motion was approved by the Board for President Mary to work with Cindy Allen about Karen Hansen’s outstanding dues. A deadline of June 30th was given for collection of these debts, otherwise Karen’s membership in Rotary will be terminated.
  • The One Less Worry grant project has been completed, and the Club is holding grant dollars for the Midcoast Recovery Coalition project (painting).
  • May Buckets on the Table will be for the Camden Public Library brick project.
  1. District Conference
  • President Mary, Kim Milton and Etienne (and Connie) Perret will be attending the District Conference in Quebec. Etienne and Deb Fink are working to develop our table for the House of Friendship, where our Club videos may be shown and highlight our projects, such as the shed build for One Less Worry.
  • It was noted that next year’s District Conference will be held at the Samoset Resort. Kim Graffam and Doug Curtis are co-chairs, with President Mary also on the conference committee.
  1. Membership (Joan LeMole)
  • Joan presented Committee ideas associated with non-profit organizations becoming members of West Bay Rotary.  It is felt that this would be beneficial, as the Club continues its efforts to diversify its overall membership. Concern over the donation process was one area where the Committee wanted Board comments/inputs before finalizing their recommendations.  The Committee also has some recommended changes to the Red Badge Program, which they will bring to the Board next month. It was also noted that whatever changes/additions are identified, there will be additions/changes needed in the Club ByLaws to help clarify terms of membership.
  1. Interact (Joan LeMole)
  • The Interact Club participated in a service project with One Less Worry on Saturday, 4/6, and are also planning to participate in a cleanup on Saturday. May 18th starting at 9:30am. The group is meeting at the Beech Hill parking lot.
  1. Satellite Club (Mark Bergelin)
- The Satellite Club will be participating in the Route 1 cleanup, doing cleanup starting at Mile 43 by Camden Hills State Park. West Bay members are invited and encouraged to support this effort.
- Mark provided a summary update of the Camden Landing Bathroom project, for which a District Grant application is being developed. Fundraising efforts to help with the project’s initial costs are being studied at this time, with more information to follow.
-The need for a larger meeting place, to replace 40 Paper, was identified again, as the Satellite Club continues to grow.
  1. Foundation (Etienne)
  • The Paul Harris Fellow Banner has been printed and will be assembled for tomorrow’s Club meeting.
  • Our Club is doing very well in its contributions, though the overall totals are a bit lower than last year. At the current time, we are again #2 in the District in terms of overall contributions.
  • Etienne provided some initial information concerning Meals for Hope, a Region 10 project that Mike Moore and the Naples Rotary Club is involved with.  They are looking to make this a group event, of at least 4 Rotary clubs, and will likely be a summertime project. More information to follow….it was also noted that involves no cost to the Club other than the time commitment to make this happen!
  1. Sponsorship (Leamon)
  • Letters have been sent to a large number of area businesses to provide information about West Bay Rotary sponsorships.
  1. Public Relations (Ray Fink)
  • Like and Share all West Bay Rotary postings on Facebook!!
  • The Board noted that there needs to be greater care and scrutiny given to the information we are creating on signage, as well as in our texting and media messages, so that our terminology is correct, spelling is correct and that a consistent terminology and message is being provided.
  • George A. noted that there needs to be a thorough review of all signage (most all stored in Jan/George’s garage), so that needed corrections can be identified and made prior to next usages.
  1. Community Service (Mark C.)
- Review of Donation Requests will be done at next week’s Community Service meeting.
- Signups for next week’s Special Olympics are completed, though additional members are welcome to participate. Tim Dresser will be forwarding assignments early next week.
- Additional Habitat for Humanity workdays are being investigated (request made to get these dates identified to Club members as soon as they become available).
- The Jazz in June event will likely have West Bay support it with parking lot duties similar to those from the Toboggan Championships.This will be non-fundraising support, but will provide visibility of our Club to the local community.
  1. Vocational (Jim Potter)
  • The Sponsorship Committee will meet to make this year’s awardees on Wednesday, May 15th. Awards Night at the high school is June 13th.
  • Jim provided the Board with copies of the selection criteria that is used by his Committee for Scholarship awards (note: George A. will add this to the Vocational Committee’s page on the West Bay Rotary website).
  1. Fellowship (Lisa)
- May’s Fellowship event will be a Brunch planned on Sunday, May 18th at Jan and George Abendroth’s home. Time is TBD but will be announced at upcoming Club meetings.
  1. New Business (Mary)
- The Waterville Rotary Club’s Global Grant project was presented for consideration. While no formal vote was taken by the Board, it was noted that President Mary has passed this information along to the International Committee for review and consideration in the new Rotary year.
Meeting adjourned at 8:13 am.