Board and Committee Pages
West Bay Rotary Board Minutes -- Meeting of July 3, 2019
Attendees: George Abendroth; President Kim Milton; Mary Sargent; Kristen Lindquist; Jim Potter; Joan LeMole; Leamon Scott; Lisa Dresser; Barbara Heard; Ray Fink; Deborah Fink; Etienne Perret; Lisa Dresser; ADG Tim Dresser; Sandy Cox; Peter Lindquist; George Forristall; Susan Dorr; Mike Moore; Trina Kuykendall
Meeting called to order by President Kim at 7:00 am.
  1. Secretary Report (George A.)
  • Minutes of both the May 1, 2019 Board Meeting and June 5, 2019 Board Meeting were reviewed and approved without changes.
  • Attendance for June 2019 = 65.32%; YTD (since July 2018) = 67.58%.  
  • West Bay Rotary Membership Numbers are currently 89 total (86 active (10 are Satellite Club members) and 3 honorary members) as of today’s meeting.
  • West Bay Rotary Calendar updated with speaker updated for most of first 3 months of Kim’s year; Changes/additions to Club website completed, including addition of link for the Club’s major fundraisers on the WBR website, with additional changes planned in August (after next Board meeting, as once again, all Board members are asked to identify recommendations for changes to the Club’s website (and provide inputs to George, preferably as soon as practical).
  • Responses to ADG Tim Dresser’s email has been sent, with copy to President Kim. We understand that additional questions and info requests are forthcoming from DG Suzanne through Tim for our Club/Board action prior to her Club Visit. Each Committee Chair will be asked to provide a written report summarizing the past year’s efforts and plans for the year ahead.
  • For President Mary’s year, the Club achieved 20 of 20 goals in Rotary Club Central, and as a result, the Rotary Citation with Presidential Distinction (Gold) should be received in the future from RI for the Year 2018-2019.
  • For President Kim’s year, our new Club goals have been entered into Rotary Club Central for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year.
  • New Paul Harris Fellows’ names and other updates have been furnished to Etienne, so that an updated Paul Harris Fellow Banner can be purchased.
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Kristen)
  • The June Financial Report was discussed and approved by the Board. It was noted that the catering costs need to be closely monitored, given the irregular billings that we receive.
  • July Buckets on the Table will again be for the Backpack Program project.
  1. Membership (Joan LeMole)
  • Bob Holmes was presented, approved by the Board for membership, and inducted to the Club during the month of June.
  • Joan indicated that the Membership Committee continues to discuss ideas associated with non-profit organizations becoming members of West Bay Rotary.
  1. Interact (Joan)
  • No report since CHRHS is on summer break at this time.
  • Joan indicated that there is significant interest at the Watershed School in forming their own Interact Club.
  1. Foundation (Etienne)
  • Etienne reported that our Club has given approximately 10 percent less than last year, and that there are 13 members (many Satellite Club members) that did not participate in EREY this past Rotary year.
  1. Satellite Club (Peter Lindquist)
- The Satellite Club held a successful trial meeting at the Camden Island restaurant, and will be trying the Vintage Room at 16 Bay View Hotel during July.
- Peter also indicated that the Satellite Club will be helping out at the Lobster Ride, and West Bay has also been asked to provide the parking support that morning.
- Peter was given action to determine/confirm if Francis Bray-Bateman is looking for a Leave of Absence from the Satellite Club (due to extended travel to Ireland).
  1. International (Susan)
  • The International Committee will hold their next meeting at the end of July (date to be added to West Bay Calendar).
  • Susan indicated that the Committee is working on developing a donation for Hands Across the Sea, continuing into this new Rotary year from efforts initiated during Past President Mary’s year.
  1. Community Service (Trina)
  • Next meeting is tentatively planned on Tuesday, July 16th at Mark’s office/conference room.
  • Trina has agreed to be the co-Chair with Mark of the Community Service Committee.
  • Attempts are being made to confirm the next Habitat for Humanity build dates (dates will be added to West Bay Calendar, once confirmed).
  1. Vocational (Jim)
  • The Entrepreneurship class will once again be offered this coming year, scheduled for Wednesday, October 9th thru November 6th at CHRHS. Signups can be done online through the Adult Education website.
  1. Youth Exchange (George F.)
  • $500 has been sent by the Y/E Committee to District 7780 for the Belfast student that is going to Mexico next year.
  1. Fellowship (Lisa)
- A West Bay Rotary Yard Sale is being planned at MRC for Saturday, July 20th, with any proceeds being earmarked for the Polio Plus campaign.
  1. New Business (Kim)
- Two (2) RYLA Candidates have been identified (Genna Ciofolo and Hannah Sisk). President Kim will be speaking with both candidates and completing any required registration paperwork with them.
- DG Suzanne Uhl-Melanson will be visiting West Bay Rotary for a Board Meeting on Wednesday, July 24th and attending our regular Club Meeting on Thursday, July 25th.
- Etienne and Mike Moore presented a brief overview of the Meals for Hope project, which garnered a lot of interest from the Board. An organizational meeting will be held on July 11th after our Club meeting, and as more information becomes available, plans will be developed for a meal-packing event, most likely during the fall, benefiting our local food pantries.
Meeting adjourned at 8:04 am.