Board and Committee Pages
West Bay Rotary Board Minutes -- Meeting of February 6, 2019
Attendees: George Abendroth; Mary Sargent; Kristen Lindquist; Jim Potter; Kim Milton; Joan LeMole; Leamon Scott; Lisa Dresser; Mik Mikkelsen; Ken Gardiner; Deborah Fink; Ray Fink; Peter Lindquist; Barbara Heard
Meeting called to order by President Mary at 7:01 am.
      1. Secretary Report (George A.)
  • Minutes of January 2, 2019 Board Meeting were sent out prior to meeting. No comments made. Board approved minutes.
  • Attendance for January 2019 = 66.01%; YTD (since July 2018) = 68.92%.
  • West Bay Rotary Membership Numbers are currently 87 total (84 active (9 are Satellite Club members) and 3 honorary members) as of today’s meeting.
  • Resignations have been accepted for both Maria Libby (due to her Superintendent duties and involvement with new middle school construction) and Kevin Abendroth (who has transferred within BSB to Bangor office and between work, travel and MBA pursuits is not able to commit to a local Rotary club at this time).
  • West Bay Rotary Calendar updated with speaker updates through balance of year; still lacking some event dates and committee meetings which are not regularly scheduled. If notified in advance, I can get them added onto Calendar for all members.
  • A Leave of Absence (LOA) was approved by the Board for Betsy Saltonstall, due to extended business travel (retro to 1/1 and in effect thru June 30th).
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Kristen)
  • The January Financial Report was discussed and approved by the Board.
  • New spreadsheets have been added to share the details as to what has been payments have been made during the prior month.
  • One action needed is for the reimbursement by the District Governor for Club advertising which needs to be submitted as soon as practical.
  • Reminder emails have been sent to those shown on the AR Aging Summary.
  • A draft of Financial Practices document was presented, discussed and approved by the Board. There will be a review to identify where to best incorporate these practices (most likely will be incorporated into Club’s Organizational Structure Document on its next revision, which is underway with items identified by the Strategic Planning group).Some key points discussed and emphasized during the Board’s discussion included: (a) sponsorships and public relations costs are not easily identified – need for controls by each event/committee chair; (b) event and committee chairs need to identify needs for drafting of annual budgets; (c) chairs need to better monitor all related expenses for their event/committee, including all advertising, PR and sponsorship costs.
  • February Buckets on the Table will be for the Knox County Homeless Coalition.
  1. Club Administration (Ken)
-The current status of the Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) Banner was discussed. It was noted that a small banner exists, which could be used for adding recent/new recipients, however, there still exists the issue of future recipients and how to best incorporate them into the banners, given the overall space limitations we have for hanging banners.
Also, it was noted that multiple PHF awardees, as well as Benefactors, are not easily identified in the existing banner, and is something the Board felt needs to be better accommodated in whatever method we choose to update the banner.After much discussion, it was recommended (and approved by the Board) to replace the current blue banner with a “poster-like” banner that will include the names of all 108 PHF recipients, as well as the Benefactors, and will include a means to identify multiple PHF recipients.The Board agreed that updates will occur twice a year, in July (after the Club’s Annual Banquet) and in January (after the holiday break).
-Visiting Club Banners (and the subject of repairing and incorporating new flags) will be addressed in the near future, once Ken has a better opportunity to review this subject.The Board recommended we not act on these banners until after we resolve our new PHF framed poster.
  1. Satellite Club (Mary/Peter)
-Francis Bray-Bateman’s name was proposed as the newest member of West Bay Rotary. Francis’ name will be presented to the Club at the 2/7 meeting.
  1. Sponsorship (Leamon)
-Annual sponsor exclusivity guidelines have been developed and were presented to the Board. In order to protect existing members’ interests, the affected member(s) will be solicited in advance to determine their feelings about another business’ sponsorship would impact them. The Board directed that the exclusivity be applicable only to Club members only.A revised draft will be made and presented back to the Board for final approval.An additional recommendation was made to add the Sponsorship information, as well as Leamon’s contact, to the WBR website (note: the latter has already been completed).
  1. Fellowship (Lisa)
                      - February’s Tiki Time will be a ‘Game Night’ at George and Jan Abendroth’s home on Friday, February 15th.
Meeting adjourned at 8:28 am.