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November 01, 2018
Kathleen Meil/Acadia Center
November 1, 2018
Buckets on the Table: Camden Area Food Pantry ($258.42 for Oct)
Speaker: Kathleen Meil/Acadia Center
Acadia Center, Advancing the Clean Energy Future. Kathleen is the Maine state director for the Acadia Center, founded 20 years ago. The Maine State center is located in Rockport but offices include all of NE and New York. Acadia Center is looking for ways to transition energy away from fossil fuel by utilizing  market ready solutions already available. There is a 23% decrease of greenhouse emission but there is a  need of an 80% reduction by 2050. Energy vision reports for this decrease are more urgent than before in order to keep global warming at acceptable levels. We need to transition to clean affordable energy, affordable, improve public and individual health. Research and advocacy are needed and local success can be scaled up to a state and national level. More and more specialized groups, such as legal and data analysis, are popping up everywhere helping to improve the mission of the organization. These groups assist in keeping the Center at the forefront of innovative efforts.
The Center is an early actor on climate roadmaps, data-backed frameworks for reducing emissions while benefitting people and economies, least expensive form of supply, requiring all cost effective efficiency, oversight by stakeholder boards, 400% increase in efficient investments across New England, contributions to the region greenhouse gas initiative for the power sector, reinvestments in efficiency and clean energy. Coal burning plants increase carbon emission and several NE states are taking on reduction efforts. Transportation is responsible for 52% in Maine, a bit higher than in other NE states.
Efficiency Maine is a big player in getting directives out into the community. But Maine is not investing at full, we are at about a third of what we can be doing. Acadia Center will be directing questions to the next Maine Governor regarding getting on board with this initiative.
Committee Reports:    
Ira – Mid Coast Recovery Coalition, recovery residences have been found to be successful. Looking for volunteers and donations on new projects.
Paul – Knox County Homeless Coalition, raising funds and awareness. Getting ready for the sleep out.
Marc – Signups for Homeless Barn Project working with Habitat and One Less Worry sand spreading event on Sunday.
Sandy – Polio Walk – Thank You!  
Amazon Smile – First payment of $44.04!
Tiki time at Deb Hitchings’ home, November 9th
Next Week’s Speaker: Foundation Presentation