Posted by Sheila Davenport on May 26, 2019
23 May 2019
Speaker: Winnie Fritz, Leading is not Managing
23 May 2019
Buckets on the Table: Camden Public Library
Speaker: Winnie Fritz, Leading is Not Managing, Lessons Learned Along the Way
Winnie Fritz’s illustrious career in healthcare began as a US Army Nurse where she received a Bronze Star, she moved on to Georgetown University Professor, she is a past COO/Sr VP of Operations & Clinical Services for HCCA Management (Intl) in Nashville and has worked in 19 countries!
Leading is not Managing: Lessons
1.  Be an Encourager – Keep compliment to criticism ratio 10:1, you get the behavior you stroke, make sure words are encouraging not discouraging
2. Train Hard; Fight Easy – Teacher is quizzed not on just what was presented by the patient but on the ‘what ifs’
3. Travel Light – Don’t collect stuff – no emotional baggage
4. Plan your Flight; Fly your Plan – Don’t be afraid to Take Off!
5. Life’s an Adventure Ma’am, Step up to the Plate – Accept new roles and responsibilities, innovate
6. A team of People with a clear focus can accomplish Much – focus on 2-3 priorities, then celebrate upon achieving and then pick up 2 more
7. Leadership Implies Followership – Before following, employees need to feel that they are compensated, competent and cared for…Send 5 handwritten notes weekly to staff’s homes thanking them for actions such as working overtime
8. Wisdom is Knowing When to take two steps forward and 1 step back
9. Be Present – put down devices in meetings etc…
10. Stay Current to Stay Ahead
11. Control the things over which 1 have control; stop trying to control the rest
12. Leave a Legacy – ‘Go where there is no path and leave a trail’
13. I finally figured out how to do it…asked when she is going to retire? She says she know ow to do it now!
Duck Derby: On line tickets have brought in $1500 so far, Bruce Malone is going to drive his boat into the harbor to pick up ducks. Set up...
Lisa reminded us about the brunch Sunday June 2 at Jan and George’s home
Heinz Lehmann is back from Switzerland and gave many happy dollars to celebrate is 90th birthday and 60 years as a Rotarian!! Happy Birthday Heinz!
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