Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Jun 13, 2019
13 June 2019
Speaker: Ben Blackmon & John Pope, Rockport's New Public Library
13 June 2019
Buckets on the Tables: The Backpack Program
Speaker of the Day: John Pope & Ben Blackmon, Rockport’s New Public Library
The Great Equalizers, Libraries are sources of information for all. Ben is the Library Director for Rockport. Rockport’s Library is 105 years old and still moving forward offering access to books and technology, research and connecting people, a community gathering place.  The old library has a few ADA compliance issues, poor lighting, lack of space and structural issues, hence the need for a new space!
Where are we now? Floor plan is ready! $3.5 million project in total, $1.5M is coming from a community voted bond. We will have a study tutor room, community meeting room, children’s room and a teen room! This is designed with people in mind! We broke ground already and developed the Rockport Library Foundation with ‘The Heart of our Town’ theme! We need to raise $2 million and this is a real challenge, but has been very successful so far, raising $1.5 million so far and have now entered the public phase of donations. There is a matching grant running right now, pledge cards are available, buy a brick on line ($150), a run/walk June 23 event and launching 100 businesses program!
Welcome Bob Holmes into membership!
Table cloths have been added to our mornings!
June 23, Monhegan Island trip!
Satellite Club meets tonight at Camden Island at 5:15
Habitat signup for June 22, 8-12, location still unknown!
There is a meeting on the day of the annual dinner, June 27th 6pm
Recap available on line for the international committee meeting
Jazz in June is this weekend! Ordered Sunny and 68 for the weather! We are sponsoring this event with the community! Wear your Bling!
Boat Show is coming up in Aug 9-11th
Suggestions for social events, Let Lisa know!
More EREY stickers!
Next Week’s Speaker: Laura Evans, Merida Yucatan Trip