Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Jun 09, 2019
06 June 2019
Speaker: Andrew Stewart, Drouthy Bear
06 June 19
Buckets on the Table: The Backpack Program
Speaker: Andrew Stewart, Drouthy Bear
We are opening a distillery, a project 3 years in the making, Blue Barren Distillery. The low berry blueberries are crashing here in Maine, so we are looking for a market for them.  In Scotland, the main whiskeys are made from barley…what better use could there be?  So over a beer, they kept coming back to the thought of what to do with starting a distillery.  Fruit brandy is expanding quickly in the US, 4000 distillery’s nationwide.  Production is very traditional and specific to each area. Therefore, blueberry brandy for Maine!  They are using a Kentucky still, a pot still with a column which allows for more alcohol production, for making brandy or whiskey.  It’s a long process, removing, the methanol,  collecting the esters that vary in flavor and select the best taste. Place in glass and aerate the product to refine the taste.  Using a reverse osmosis process of water.
Gin is vodka that is infuse with other flavors. Must have juniper, and Blue Barren will flavore with lemon grass Plymouth gin…over the next 2 years and will be using homegrown flavors. Harbor gin, a stronger gin, and a lemon lavender gin. 2 seasonal gins:  Blueberry rhubarb and later apple cranberry. Next is a rum, light, black and spiced. Bring back molasses from different areas of the Caribbean from our local sailors. Will be creating a beer brandy, an aged product. (3 year aging minimum). There is a tasting area. Is outside, open tomorrow! 3-8pm closed on Mondays…
Board recommends Bob Holmes for membership
Paul Harris fellows that would like the medallions, please see George ($15 fee)
Satellite club now meeting at the Camden Island
June 15th, Jazz in June, we are selling tickets and parking. A volunteer event for us.
Community service, this weekend will respace the boards, Saturday 0800
0730 Tuesday meeting for community meeting (instead of Wed)
June 22, Habitat project, please sign up
Membership:  non-profit membership idea is moving forward!
Interact: looking at an international project for next year
Next Week’s Speaker: John, story of the building of the Rockport Public Library