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January 3, 2019
Jane Babbitt - Hands Across the Sea
January 3, 2019
Baskets on the Table: Camden Area District Nursing Association
Speaker: Jane Babbitt, Hands Across the Sea – Improving Literacy in the Eastern Caribbean
Jane is a board member for Hands Across the Sea. Upon arrival for a vacation, after a hurricane, we observed the poverty levels were high in the Caribbean. We started looking for ways to help out and came upon a program “Hands Across the Sea”. Recognizing a lack of reading books and libraries and noting low levels of literacy across the country the Hands organization were working to establish libraries in local schools. Hands has set up services in six of the eastern Caribbean states. They offer painting and murals in the children’s libraries and determined that many books are not accessible to kids because lending is not encouraged due to loss of books. Mildew and termites are an issue in protecting books as well. Children are requesting more mysteries and age appropriate books. Hands provides information on how to set up, staff, operate and maintaining libraries. There are also manuals provided to schools (no computer systems) and student librarian handbook that lay out how to get student involvement. Hands Across the Sea also donate to other area programs. Most children attend school through the 6th  grade with the top 100 boys and 100 girls moving onto high school. More schools are being built, but kids may not be attending.  Hands across the Sea orders books from US publishers, volunteers unpack, sort and repack books to distribute to schools, most of the packing and shipping is volunteer form the US to the Caribbean. The group needs new books for all age ranges. Local rotary clubs on the islands are active and there are very few public libraries in the countries. There are sustainable advances in literacy and an increase in self confidence of students and teachers. Rotary can adopt a school library, donate time while in the Caribbean or volunteer.  
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