Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Jan 12, 2019
January 10, 2019
Cyndi Prince, Loohoo
10 January 2019
Buckets on the Table: Camden Area District Nursing Association
Cyndi Prince, CEO/Founder Loohoo
Simple Change, Big Impact – We make and sell dryer balls! Chemicals in dryer sheets are toxic and can be inhaled and absorbed into your skin. They also can take years to break down in landfills. Raw materials are from local wool mills that use wool that felts easily. Loohoos don’t wear out quickly. Cyndi launched the company in 2010. The company grew through word of mouth. She set up an e-commerce website and in 2011 started to approach retailers, especially baby stores, moving on to green stores, co-ops and whole foods in 2012. Loohoo is still a home based business. In 2014, Loohoo won an SBA award that brought in a lot of press and help boost the product. Cyndi started attending tradeshows in 2016 and began adding more products in 2018. Cyndi has degrees in Geology and Art. She focused working with bloggers in the beginning with product reviews, used social media and giveaways that really and still helps grow the business. Loohoo sells to over 300 retailers throughout the US and have sold over 125,000 Loohoos. Currently Cyndi is focusing on growing and developing new products. Her busiest seasons are summer for shows and Christmas for products.
Committee Reports
Welcome into membership: Mimi Edmunds brought into West Bay Rotary by Deb Hitchings!
EREY presented to Joan Lemole, Kristen Lindquist, Bob Stiehler
Library Book Club meets Feb 12, 430 at Camden Library, please join us! This month’s book is Orphan Train
Snowbowl signup, need a few more on Sunday!
Leamon: Baird's renewed, 16 Bayview Hotel and Etienne Perret are new gold sponsors!
Chili Challenge: Sponsorship is $75, looking for more members of chili challenge event and sponsors!
Etienne - Apr 30, district grant application due, ideas?
Joan – membership looking at nonprofit requirements
Interact – Chocolates for Valentines and Ronald McDonald house to prepare a meal
Peter: Duck Derby, Lucky is getting a brother or sister! Need a small group for prizes and sponsors. Working on how to collect all the ducks!
Mary: Martha Johnston Nash received a Paul Harris award
Next week speaker: Loriman Looke classification talk
Satellite Club Notes
27 December 2018
Satellite selected next year’s officers: Abe Dugal -Chair, JP Fecteau - Chair Elect, Peter Lindquist - Secretary, Mark Bergeron - Treasurer
West Bay Rotarian Sandy Cox assembling the Rotary Wheel, As a group, they continue learning about Rotary and how we can incorporate those "service" values into our lives.
10 January 2019
Discussion of Volunteer Opportunities/Resources discussed and creating a webpage where member could find one time and on-going needs for volunteers. 
Discussed Webpage creation and/or linking to current West Bay Rotary page
Discussed other possible venues for future Satellite Club Meetings. Members will send short bios and pictures to Sarah Reuf-Lindquist, who will create a PowerPoint about Satellite Club members