07 January 2021
Speaker of the Day: Don Reimer, Birder and Photographer

07 January 2021
Pre-meeting Chatter! Ipad trouble in the South! Deborah is optimistic on Football…
Buckets on the Table:  Shields Mission (drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box 1033, Camden 04843 – or website donation site using the donate button).
Poem for the Day:  Bob Williams – In the Times Ahead, Next Week – Laura Evans
Speaker of the Day: Don Reimer, Birder and Photographer
A New Book, ‘Seen Anything Good – Seasons of Birds in Midcoast Maine’. Don has been interested in birds since childhood. He has spent 6 decades exploring bird watching, a daily routine. Get your book at a local bookstore! Owl and Turtle carries the book as well as other locals. Support our locals! Seen Anything Good depends on what you define as Good! Writes a column in the Free Press. The books covers Migration and Conservation as well as all the other basics! The book is composed of a lot of short essays, makes it fun and easy to read. Behavior is fun to explore.
Committee Reports:
Book Club: Jan 12th, 5 pm by Zoom. Becoming Wild, Carl Safina. Contact Kristen for link
Community: Next Habitat Project will be in February. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! (Philbrick Ave, Rockland) Come Join Us!!
Interact: Delivered meals over holidays to 4 sponsored families!
Board approved $500 to send to the district group to provide equipment for fire departments and other local groups to aid in distribution of vaccine.
Meal of Hope: Postponed. On hold til Covid Surge subsides. The Board will revisit monthly.
New Member: Jim Povick was approved for membership by the Board, let Ken know if you have any concerns over the next week.
George Forristall – Pan Atlantic Foundation – Looking for a host family for young lady from Italy, coming in January for Camden Hills High School. Get in touch with George.