Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Sep 03, 2019
29 August 2019
Today's Speaker: Diana Coleman, Women Going For It ! Taking Risks After 50
29 August 2019
Buckets on the Table: Salt Water Classroom
Today’s Speaker: Diana Coleman, Women Going For It! Taking Risks After 50
Positive Risks! This became Diana’s retirement passion project. This is a topic that applies to Men and Women! Diana sent out a survey to women all across the country and the world. Many women wanted travel, change, health but there were finance concerns noting time was fleeting as retirement approached. Diana interviewed diverse women around the world of all types of backgrounds locating compelling stories and were asked to share advice. There are many stories of women who enrolled in  roller derby, in Ethiopia – began fund raising for children, worked with international habitat for humanity, created a hotdog café and homemade dog treats, donate your kidney to a stranger, became a CNA to work with dying patients, joined a singing group, coastal children’s museum volunteer and fundraiser (and skydiving). Questions for our audience…How many have skydived? What risks are you thinking about?
Rotary Moment – Mary Sargent
International : Literacy and supporting education around the world. What’s New? Rotary is shifting focus to mentoring and coaching teachers. A curriculum was developed to help teachers engage students in critical thinking.
Committee Reports:
Chowder is this weekend!  0900 Friday to help set up. 7 vendors.
Backpacks have been delivered!  Thank you Deb for the advertising!
$48 from Amazon Smile!  Continue to encourage Amazon Smile with everyone!
Putting for Polio – need groups of 4 to still sign up!
Next Week’s Speaker: Steve Marson, Pyrotechnics