Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Aug 22, 2019
22 August 2019
Today's Speaker: Amy Williams, United Technology Associates
22 Aug 2019
Buckets on the Table: Salt Water Classroom
Today’s Speaker: Amy Williams, United Technology Associates
Cyber Threats Against You and Your Business, Amy holds a PhD in cyber security. Home protection is similar to business protection. Threat landscape: how to you recognize it? Look for incorrect spellings, emails from odd locations, well known company but not really (masking) – hover over the email address will show the actual email address will show. Spear phishing is a targeted attack, usually goes after website authority figures and sends an email that appears to come from the boss. Mobile Malware (IoT Threats) is on the rise, malware for phones. Multi factor authentication helps keeps your accounts safe and keep your phones password protected. Alexa, WiFi in your car or on a refrigerator, security cameras (fastest growing issue). Social Media (supply chain and Geopolitical), don’t take online surveys. Hackers from other countries are Geopolitical issues; hackers have a lot of patience. Ransomware (Cryptojacking) your data is encrypted and the hacker tells you to pay to get control of your device. Backup your data is the best thing to do. Website insecurity (cloud security), shop at safe places. Cloud accounts are a bigger target.
90% of successful breaches start with phishing! Don’t share or write down your passwords, make them long and strong! Do not reuse old passwords!! Keep up with all the Patches for applications, operating systems and firmware, keep up with them. Backup Backup Backup! Encrypt your spreadsheets if you store your password lists. Don’t ever use public WIFI!
Rotary Minute: Animal associated names of Rotarians.
Presidents meeting last night – looking for sponsors for next May’s District Governor meeting. See Tim. West Bay has committed to $750.
Meals of Hope Project, Oct 26, at café at high school, committed for 10K meals but shooting for 25K by inviting other clubs. Need 75 volunteers (a morning event).
Fellowship – Tiki time on the Appledore was great!  Sept 19, Putting for Polio event with other rotary clubs. Looking for teams of 4, Golfers Crossing.
Chowder – have 7 folks so far! Saturday volunteers arrive at 1030.
Sept 7 - community project at the chamber of commerce
Snowbirds!  Let George know when you are leaving!
Next Week’s Speaker: Diana Coleman, Women Going For It After Fifty