Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Apr 07, 2019
04 April 2019
Joanne Bollinger, WISE
4 April 2019
Buckets on the Table: New Hope for Women
Joanne Bollinger, WISE:  Women’s Initiatives That Strengthen and Empower. Joanne was a school teacher in Camden! 2013 she went to work on a project in Western Zambia. New Hope for Women began in Africa, as a nonprofit working with the government, and then Maine began a nonprofit as well. The women make clothing and baskets to sell. WISE offers high school scholarships and supports economic independence for vulnerable women and children.
The How: Local people run this program with the money donated by other programs. They have created scholarships where the kids must behave appropriately, volunteer and do well in classes. Scholarships are split 80% girls, 20% boys. One student runs $550 with boarding, $150 if there is no boarding needed. 10 students have gone on to college. There is also a farm with an agriculture program, water projects and they build schools.
Goals: 200 children in school, security fencing, 16-18 students in college schools, and a four wheel drive Toyota, a learning center for science, library, kitchen and computer lab, and they want to expand this model. Everyone pays it forward once they graduate!
Committee Reports:
President’s project: two district grants to set aside money for….One Less Worry and Midcoast Recovery Coalition
Bruce completed his Red badge program!
Thank you note from Camden Conference Watershed Kids!
International: Completed programs, adopted a library in Dominica, need $2100, Yucatan water project is still moving forward
Duck Derby: Tickets are out!! Bring stubs and money and give back to Joan, do in one lump sum and do not separate the stubs!! Help advertise thru Facebook!
E Waste: Signup is out! April 20th
Financial: EREY, George Forstall, Paul Rogers!
Business to Business, Apr 10th, 7pm set up, please stop by and help support the table!
Bowl for Kid’s Sake is Saturday! We have already raised $127 from Bucket collections!
Interact will have a packing party for One Less Worry and be working on a road side pickup!
Next week’s Speaker: Erick Anderson, Ins and Outs of Lodging