Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Apr 11, 2019
11 Apr 2019
Today’s Speaker: Erick Anderson, Ins and Outs of Lodging
11 April 2019
Buckets on the Table: New Hope for Women
Today’s Speaker: Erick Anderson, Ins and Outs of Lodging
Erick is the General Manager of a local hospitality group in Camden and hails from the Union and Appleton region. He started in Maine attending school in Electrical Engineering, moved to Florida for a year where he was bit the hospitality bug, returning to Maine to complete college. Erick went back to Florida to work in the industry, returning to Maine in 2010 to continue his work in hospitality.  Hospitality is about creating memories and a feeling of a home away from home. Hospitality is changing all the time! It’s all about customer service, the one item that we have control over at all times. The smile is genuine. Reviews are now instant, trip advisor etc. you cannot make everyone happy but you must try! Empower all the staff equally. Encourage all staff to ask ‘How is your stay’? Place yourself in the guest’s shoes. Focusing on negatives make you better. It’s the one on one connection with guests. Marketing is another big area of focus. We also work with a positive, optimistic attitude.
Biggest thing is to book direct to get the best deals from the seller. This is how you create loyal customers. If something isn’t right with your stay, please let them know! Review when you have a good stay as well!
Committee Reports
EREY: Big Group Today!!
Sponsorship: Leamon – check your email and share with your friends and contacts. Promote ourselves with all the events we participate.
E-waste: Tom – April 20th, Signups are going great! Special request for morning shift to come in at 0800 to assist with set up!
Special Olympics: Tim – need a few more shifts
Duck Derby: Get more tickets from Joan. Can also buy tickets on line!
Annual Meeting: 6 pm cocktails, 7 pm dinner. June 27th
Paint night party: $30/person, April 26th, 6 pm at Laugh Loud Smile Big! Need 15 folks to sign up!
June 23rd, trip to Mohegan Island!
Interact: Joan- Interact! Like on Facebook, One Less Worry packing Party was a success!
Next Week’s Speaker: Steve Rodrigues Maine Raised Beds