International Committee
July 22, 2019
In attendance: Susan, Mimi, Mike Moore, Debbi
2019-2020 budget: $5000
$425 Hands Across the Sea
$1250 Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections
$500 Yucatan Water Fountain Project
$2175 committed to date
Susan will request the remaining check  for $425 for Hands Across Sea to complete our commitment to our classroom there.
Water System Tanzania
Mike gave up an update on the Global Grant which will quadruple the storage tank and expand system out three or four miles and three more villages. 7 more taps.
$85,000 Global Grant. Organized once again through the Naples Club by Mike.
We have $2000 in the Foundation waiting to send to the grant as soon as we get the go-ahead.
Mike updated us on a Naples Club’s efforts to bring clean water to Haiti. He will see how it develops.
Bagamoyo, Tanzania: Mimi
The Baobab Home. A home for orphans, primary school, HIV outreach program, a sustainability project (well, solar, fish ponds)
Started by a couple with no government money.
No Rotary support at this time.
Trying to raise $100,000. Budget is $200,000 year. Founders on a fund-raising tour in the states now. They will be in Gardiner speaking  on August 6.
We will explore further, getting a better sense of the stability of the organization, is there a local Rotary connection, its fundraising focus, etc.
Family Care Hostel, hospital based Arusha, Tanzania
Mike Moore
Cancer Care in Tanzania, US non-profit spearheading the effort.
It is like a a Ronald McDonald House.
Go Fund Me site set up for a redesigned program, moving away from the containers.
Susan would like to see what Rotary is doing on our border. How might we address basic needs for those who are coming across? Important to fully assess what kind of Rotary involvement is already in place or planned.