International Committee 10/27/20 via Zoom

Attendance: Debbi, Susan, Mimi, Penny, Ute, Laura, Mike Pierce, Penny

Budget: $5000 Expenditures: $1250 QMC $750 Yuchana $2,000 Total Remaining funds: $3000

Ute let us know that she is needing to cut back a bit on commitments given her schedule.

Baobob Project: Tanzania Our only agenda item is consideration of the Baobob House. The major project there is putting the roof on. The total cost is $1700. They have a pledge of $650 and are hoping for a match. Mimi is asking for $650 for continuing labor and materials. Motion: To donate $650 to the Baobob House. Unanamous Susan will email Kristen and Mimi requesting the funds. Mimi will give Kristen the logistics and will actually send the check.

Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections Susan shared a thank you letter for our donation of $1250.

Other items Mimi will be meeting with Franny Wheeler concerning the border situation. She will bring information back to us.

Susan is watching the Yucatan which is facing another hurricane, Zada. It is their fourth major storm.


West Bay Rotary International Committee

September 21, 2020 - Camden Amphitheatre

In attendance: Susan, Mike M., Mimi, Penny, Laura, Debbi, Etienne


Susan asked that we move our meetings to Tuesdays which will allow Ute to be part of the committee. Agreed. 

Our next meeting will be on October 27. We will attempt to meet outside again, weather permitting. If not, both Debbi and Laura have Zoom accounts and can set up the meeting. 


Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections:

We confirmed that the Committee will donate $1250 to Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections as we have done for the past several years. Susan will contact Kristen to ask that a check be cut and sent to Debbi.


Tanzania Water Missions: Mike

Work in progress there now. He has no updates and is looking at the possibility of expanding the grant.



Penny had sent us all information from Douglas who has asked for financial assistance in expanding a chicken production project which will bring meat and eggs (protein) to the region in the time of COVID.


Egg incubator:           $950

Wiring                         $880

Food (hydro-fodder)  $500

Misc.                            $300

Motion: to approve $750 as a one-time gift this year. Mike M. will match that amount. Penny committed $300 while Sue and Debbi committed to $100 each. Total gift: $2000

Penny will provide press release information to Deb Fink.


Border/Immigration issues:

Mimi is looking into possibility of providing shoes for immigrants at the border. She will research No More Deaths and other programs.

We will discuss how we may be able to provide assistance in other ways as well at our next meeting.  Susan will reach out to the Nogales (USA) Rotary to see how they might be involved. 


Next meeting, Tuesday, October 27 at 8:00 a.m.

International Committee January 28, 2020
In attendance: Susan, Noel, Laura, Mimi, Penny, Debbi
Camden Conference: An additional $100 is needed to cover the cost of our students/teachers attending the conference. Next year we will let the schools know that we have a set amount to offer. Approved $100. Moved by Penny, seconded by Mimi. 
Susan will talk to the students about an expectation to come to a Rotary meeting and to talk to us about their experience at the conference.
Susan willing to continue on as our chair.
Australia fires: Noel led Rotary trip to one of the regions now under siege with the fires. We have done buckets on the table this month. Australian Rotaries will collect funds to go in as “clean-up” funds after other agencies and government have done what they can. We will donate but will wait and see what the club (including Buckets on the Table) is doing. Susan will talk to President Kim about the club direction/commitment.
Baobob Orphan Home, Bagamoro, Tanzania. Request by Mimi. Orphanage and primary school includes psycho-social programs for HIV patients, support system for mothers. There is a US Board of Directors. Government of Tanzania has recognized them as an outstanding program. Approved $500.  Moved by Debbi, seconded by Penny.  Mimi will provide contact information.
Razia’s Ray of Hope: Girls school in Afghanistan.  We decided to hold off for now as the organization is on solid footing.
Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections: Debbi gave an update on Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections and our students there. She is not sure whether our high school student will remain in the program due to his performance. If not, we will receive a new student. Ntsebo is in her final year at the National University of Lesotho and will graduate in August. Debbi described the ongoing drought and the resulting food insecurity issues on the mountain and through-out the country. 25% of the population is facing famine. QMC has been fundraising so that they can expand their Emergency Food Fund at the high school.
Meeting adjourned 9:00 a.m.
International Committee
November 25, 2109
Present: Susan, Debbi, Etienne, Mike
Old Business:
Recent expenditures:
$500 was sent to the Yucatan water project
Remaining funds: $1825
New Business: Camden Conference: The Media Revolution
Watershed and Camden Hills
Rates are the same this year $50 per student and faculty
Our budget $700 (separate from the IC budget). Covers 14 students
  • 8 student and teacher at high school
  • 6 students and teacher at Watershed
  • both classes have done a semester’s worth of work preparing for the Conference
  • We are two scholarships short of funding
Mike moved that we cover the additional $100 needed to fund the two classes. Approved.
Susan will communicate our desire to hear from both groups after the conference.
Deferred to next meeting when more members are present
  • Razia’s Ray of Hope
  • Bagamore Orphan Home
Susan will poll us as to best day of the week to meet: Mondays or Tuesdays.


WBR International Committee Agenda  Monday, October 7, 2019


Old Business;  Review expenditures made to date;

$425 to complete pledge to Hands Across the Sea library in Dominica

$1250 to QMC, not yet sent

$1000 for Bahamas relief, matched by WBR Charitable foundation

$2675 spent so far

$2325 remaining

Please forgive the mix up and date change. Four of us, myself, Noel, Laura and Mimi did meet this morning and discussed the agenda which follows. Since we were so few we didn't take any binding votes. However, the only item which is time sensitive is my request for $500 to continue our support for the water project in the Yucatan. If you would reply with your vote up or down on that item I will request a check from Kristen prior to my trip down at the end of this month. Otherwise the other agenda items can be carried over to next month's meeting. I will be away until November 9 so will plan a meeting for the last Monday in November to get us back on track.

Thank you! Susan

New Business  Possible projects to support

Yucatan water; The Valladoild club has hired a plumber to be responsible for any issues that arise. The Dzitnup fountain had persistent problems which were finally traced to the pump that draws water to the school and Rotary paid for the repair/replacement of that pump so now the fountain and the rest of the water in the school work properly. Susan is making a personal donation to the project and is requesting a contribution from the committee of $500. The club is planning more installations and the ongoing maintenance is an expense. 

Razia’s Ray of Hope; Razia spoke to our club. She is a long time Rotarian and has created a school for girls in the mountains of Afghanistan. We contributed $500 to the general fund. See the letter circulating. Suggested contribution, $250

Baobab House; Mimi spoke to us again regarding this project which is small but steady serving AIDS orphans and 150 day students in Bagamoyo Tanzania. Mimi is going to explore the possibility of some outside contributions and will keep this project on the table for us to consider for a contribution.

Other projects? 

International Committee
August 26, 2019
In attendance:  Heidi Karod, Etienne Perrot, Mimi Edmunds, Laura Edmunds, Noel Cox, Mike Moore, Debbi Hitchings, Susan Dorr
Tanzania Water Project: Mike still waiting for approval of the Global Grant from the Tanzania club. It’s been over 2 months
Asylum seekers in Maine: A group of local people have been exploring if there is a place Camden area to be involved. Kit Harrison is organizing and looking into what this community’s appropriate response might be.
Noel gave background on the Congregational Church’s involvement. They took two car loads of clothing to Portland which was put into a large storage facility. Important to remember how well intentioned goals may not ultimately be useful.
  • Can we get Kit Harrison or someone to talk with us about what is happening?
  • We will watch what is happening both here and in the state (Portland) to see if there is an appropriate niche for us to be involved.
  • Can we hear from immigrants who can tell the story of resettling here?
  • Is there a way that we can educate the greater community of what is going on with the immigrant issue? Is there someone who has worked with immigrants/asylum seekers?
Camden Conference: We still have $500 in the budget and will look for ways that the children we sponsor “report” back to the club, sharing their experience and impressions.
Baobab Home: Tanzania. Mimi reported on a meeting in Gardiner. Looking to raise $100,000.
Annual budget for school, orphanage and sustainability project is $200,000. Raised $40,000 on the US trip. Mimi looking to contribute to the general budget – toward the $100,000 goal. She will send us out website info, and we will discuss a donation at our next meeting.
Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections: Debbi gave an update of the high school issues with food insecurity and nationwide teacher strikes. The university students are doing well. We will send our $1000 to the college fund for Ntsebo soon.
International Committee
July 22, 2019
In attendance: Susan, Mimi, Mike Moore, Debbi
2019-2020 budget: $5000
$425 Hands Across the Sea
$1250 Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections
$500 Yucatan Water Fountain Project
$2175 committed to date
Susan will request the remaining check  for $425 for Hands Across Sea to complete our commitment to our classroom there.
Water System Tanzania
Mike gave up an update on the Global Grant which will quadruple the storage tank and expand system out three or four miles and three more villages. 7 more taps.
$85,000 Global Grant. Organized once again through the Naples Club by Mike.
We have $2000 in the Foundation waiting to send to the grant as soon as we get the go-ahead.
Mike updated us on a Naples Club’s efforts to bring clean water to Haiti. He will see how it develops.
Bagamoyo, Tanzania: Mimi
The Baobab Home. A home for orphans, primary school, HIV outreach program, a sustainability project (well, solar, fish ponds)
Started by a couple with no government money.
No Rotary support at this time.
Trying to raise $100,000. Budget is $200,000 year. Founders on a fund-raising tour in the states now. They will be in Gardiner speaking  on August 6.
We will explore further, getting a better sense of the stability of the organization, is there a local Rotary connection, its fundraising focus, etc.
Family Care Hostel, hospital based Arusha, Tanzania
Mike Moore
Cancer Care in Tanzania, US non-profit spearheading the effort.
It is like a a Ronald McDonald House.
Go Fund Me site set up for a redesigned program, moving away from the containers.
Susan would like to see what Rotary is doing on our border. How might we address basic needs for those who are coming across? Important to fully assess what kind of Rotary involvement is already in place or planned.