WBR Community Service Meeting Minutes - March 13, 2019
Attendees:  Mark Coursey (Chair); George Abendroth; Bob Williams: Leamon Scott; Tim Dresser;  Sandy Cox;  Kim Milton; Ray Fink; Chum Berry; Trina Kuykendall
1. Mark asked George to now add our meeting minutes to WBR website under Community Service Committee heading (will be done once these minutes are published)
2. Special Olympics - same status as last month; signups will begin at tomorrow's Club meeting
3. Habitat for Humanity - this Saturday, April 16th, 8 to 12 Noon (George to add to WBR Calendar) - location is 34 Forest Road in Warren
4. Chamber Decking project - still awaiting Camden town decision on materials; likely early May project at this time
5. Jazz In June -- Leamon attended an intro meeting, and shared that the organizers would like to have West Bay Rotary perform support services for the various functions that weekend (June 14 thru 16 at Snow Bowl and Camden Opera House events). Further definition is forthcoming.
6. Donation Requests - Balance of meeting involved more discussion of Evaluation Criteria and request made for George to develop a revised draft of the Application Form and drafting of an Evaluation Criteria page. Plan is to have this draft available for the April Board meeting (Status: Draft completed and sent to all Community Service Members today - asked for additional comments to Mark/George). [Note: No copy of draft documents will be placed with minutes on the Club's website - we will do this once finalized.]
WBR Community Service Meeting Minutes - February 20, 2019
Attendees: Mark Coursey (Chair); George Abendroth; Bob Williams: Leamon Scott; Tim Dresser;  Sandy Cox;  Kim Milton; Ray Fink
1, Special Olympics - Friday, May 10th with rain date Monday, May 13th - time estimated to be from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm...doing food, registrations and a more rapid award process
2. Habitat for Humanity - date being scheduled over coming weeks
3. Jazz Event at the Snow Bowl - June 13 to 16 - Leamon to attend initial meeting to help identify what they want West Bay Rotary to support
4. MRC Boat Show in April 2020 - MRC has asked if WBR would be interested in doing parking task like Toboggan Championships - Tim Dresser is tracking this potential fundraiser/effort
5. Chamber of Commerce decking project in Camden - estimated to be at least a 3-day effort die to space constraints and effort required - Camden is still evaluating bids for material supplies - potentially an early May project - Sandy to followup with Camden town management
6. Light Poles - likely not require this year
7. PAWS Walking Path - George to speak with Sandy to determine if there is a "refreshing" (spreading more mulch on path and possibly building a small walkbridge over a low area) of the PAWS Puppy Path - date TBD but would likely be June
8. Donation Request Criteria discussion - As a followup to last month's brief discussion, the group spent the balance of meeting time discussing various criteria and potential areas of consideration, as we work towards a draft set of criteria that will be used to help evaluate donation bid submissions.  Key points made, which will be considered, are as follows (note: Mark is going to make an initial attempt at drafting something that the group can review/comment on over the next couple of weeks):
- Rejection letters need to state reasons as to why an organization was not selected
- Donations need to be for a specific project, not for general funding of an organization
- Describe what for and how the funds will be used for
- Geographic limitations - do we limit to 5 major towns and immediate surrounding communities
- Need a level of scrutiny, as we need to better understand who/what each bidding organization does
- Make calls about grant applications (divide total number between committee members, who make screening/interview calls to bidder organizations, so that the committee is more aware of each bidder and its application - to be done after submission closure date and before committee meeting where we rank applicants for awards
- Develop scoring grid with categories (process like Vocational Committee uses)
    -- How much impact will our grant have on your program?
    -- Scope of project/how many people do you service?
    -- Geographic area
    -- How will funds be spent?
    -- How does project fit into the Rotary/WBR mission? (noted that we need to give this info as part of WBR application)
    -- Who have you helped?
    -- How long has your organization existed? 
Final comments centered around separating out the Qualifiers, which one must pass in order to even be considered for an award. Once this screen completed, balance of questions (and the developed scoring system) would then be used to help identify selected awardees.