Community Service Committee - 10 September 2019

Attendees: Mark Coursey, Sandy Cox, Trina Kuykendall, Ray Fink, Lisa Dresser, Tim Dresser

  1. Need to confirm an email address for outside groups to contact us regarding application processes. Should it be the westbayrotary or westbayfoundation gmail acct? Who will be checking these emails on a regular basis?

  2. Was the application corrected on the website, as to the dollar amount and dealines?  Oct 1 and 15th

  3. Friday teardown of benches at Camden building (1300), Saturday 8-12 for rebuild. Need saws, drills, work benches and miter box

  4. Oct 26, Meals for Hope project was handed over to committee to complete and run. Need 50-75 volunteers, Ray will place out an open call for volunteers to the community. Camden Rotary, Satellite club, Belfast and interact are in for a few volunteers. May need some long tables, 9-12 for volunteers. Some will need to be there from 7-2pm. Will local food pantries assist? Minimum age should be 12 and there will be music. AIO will store boxes for us til they can be placed. Camden Hills Café.

  5. MCRC painting needs to be completed this month. Sandy will follow up with Ira.

  6. Habitat projects projected for Oct 5, Nov 2, Jan 4, Mar 7.

  7. Ideas:  Christmas Caroling , lamppost, Midcoast REC Boat Show, picnic tables in Bruce’s shop

  8. George investigated a Medallion for branding our logo. Sandy will email George to confirm

  9. Develop a form for Project Development by members (Ray)

  10. Develop ‘Handy Person Guidelines’

13 Aug 2019 Community Committee Present: Mark, Bob, Sheila, Trina, Bob H, Lisa, Tim, Kim, Doris, Sandy
1 Saturday August 17, 2019 Habitat project
2 Sept 7 (prep on the 6th) for Camden Harbor benches (8-12ish) a. Need drills/saws etc b. Sept 6 date to move out the old material, 3-5 pm, need a smaller group for this
3 Awards for fall – will work through applications in October
4 Upcoming events for club (some fall outside of community group) are: a. Chowder Challenge b. Polio event Sept 19th c. Oct – Meals project on Oct 26 at Camden High d. Dec – Christmas Tree Sales e. Feb – Chili Challenge f. Feb – Toboggan Parking g. Apr – Boat show parkers at Midcoast Rec h. May – Special Olympics i. May – Lamppost painting, bench staining, possible picnic table painting (maybe indoors?) j. June – Jazz in June k. Shute painting should be a summer project
5 Skip Habitat for September – Next project should be early Oct AND early Nov
6 Is it possible to work with Meals on Wheels to find folks who need help with small repairs?
7 Questions a. Are there conflicts between merging Charity fund raising and projects? b. Bike Maine – handling food – NO, too much volume for us to handle c. Should we do something at Thanksgiving (turkeys etc)? d. Christmas caroling at Nursing homes?