Community Service Meeting - Agenda/Minutes - November 3, 2020 via Zoom
Attendees: Trina, Dolores, Kim, Tim D., Sandy, Lisa, George A.,, John V., Sheila






Morning Pre-Meeting Chatter!

Scoopable snow today and a beautiful sunny sky! 37 degrees in SC! 


Current Events

Habitat project – Nov 21 (830-12)

Sandy/Kim , need 5 more people for Nov 21



Newly Completed Projects

Habitat Sept 21


New/Upcoming Projects

Fence Project for Skate Park

Christmas Tree Sales

  1. Knowlton Street – Parking lot Fence

Repairs will be in the fall, painting in spring. No material picked up yet, Sandy has ordered the material from Hammonds (waiting on caps). 

Sandy will check with Leamon on date and email a date. Get Interact to help with painting and scraping. 


  1. Charitable Foundation Donation Request Form

What is the overall status? George is wanting to capture all policies and procedures into a single space. 

Icons are missing on this form. The scoring section is good. A place holder is going into the document but we need to finalize our form. 7 Areas (added environment) of focus notation is necessary, we want people to know what Rotary represents. Group will look over the form and we will discuss via email and try to complete. 

  1. Meals of Hope

Need to raise around $2500, looking at model from Florida for social distancing. Will revisit timing (due to virus) but looking at early spring dates. 

Feb/Mar time line, Elks would be good, 2 shifts, follow Florida model for social distancing. Deb will promote once we have a date, club email to raise $. Talk to other clubs. This will be further discussed at board meeting Wed.


Early Spring

  1. WBR Stamp

May need to start from scratch 

West Bay Rotary and the Wheel, Sandy to resend email to Trina, will look at pricing. 


  1. Trailer Signage

Looks like we will place this on hold, lots of great conversation about what we think we need.

How is the trailer filling party going? 

General notes were that the signage should be simple, mostly Rotary wheel and West Bay name. ‘Service above self’ line might be added. And maybe magnetic tags as well.


  1. Pandemic Winter

Request for shelter is on the rise, food pantries are started to feel the stress. Can we team up with other Rotaries to look at a local assist. Meals on Wheels is one thought, looking at the social contact for those who are alone. 

Think outside of the box on how to work with other groups, working together to make an impact. Food needs seems ok right now, New Hope is working with Homeless Coalition, Counseling services getting involved as well. Specific needs have not been identified yet. Anticipate the need will increase over the winter. Keep your eyes open for opportunities! John will keep us up to date on what needs are being identified. Rapid Response monies being available. Let’s keep this on our community radar!

John V


General Notes


    A. Snow Bowl

Looking to do a race but without spectators, no need for us on parking and no Chili challenge




    B.      Matching fund projects

Are there any club activities where we can work with other clubs on a project, matching funds etc.

Polio resurgence issues


Next Meeting

Via Zoom: Tuesday December 08, 2020, 0730-0830

Will send out Zoom Invite


30 Dec 05