Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Sep 26, 2019
26 September 2019
Joe Curll, Coastal Opportunities
26 September 2019
Buckets on the Table: Meals of Hope
Speaker of the Day: Joe Curll, Coastal Opportunities
36 years with this organization. To help assist adult with intellectual disabilities from Know County to be active members in the community. Create bags from looms at the beginning and end of each day that are sold. They have a working in the redemption center with $313,347 in revenue, no longer break even since moving to an hourly rate.  Volunteer work experience opportunities: Tanglewood 4H camp, churches, Owl’s head transportation for cleaning, Pope Memorial human society, AIO, Meals on Wheels, Merry Springs and Farms. Days are generally therapeutic activities in the afternoons and volunteer in the mornings. They also have lots of social opportunities at the Y, Dancing Elephant, Olad rides, bowling, Special Olympic activities, Sweet Tree Arts, Library outings, Fire/Police Departments, cooking, orchards, Seadogs, State Park trips. There are residential homes through Knox County. They utilize Maine Care funding for most revenue but rates are being cut annually. Only about 2% are from donations and there is an annual fund raiser that helps. Around 1200 people on the Maine Care waiting list.
New Button on our Website to donate for the Charitable Foundation. Anyone (even non-members) can donate from this button!
Committee Reports
Endowments – Ken – over $10K in our foundation fund! Legacy giving, appreciated assets and many other options.
Tiki Time: Friday, Rum Line around 5 pm. Christmas Party, Dec 12.
Interact Clean up at Beech Hill, this Saturday 9 am.
Next Week’s Speaker: Kevin Bedford, Owls Head Transportation