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September 20, 2018
Sandy Cox, West Bay Website

September 20, 2018
Buckets on the table: The Sheilds Mission program.
Speaker of the day is Sandy Cox, West Bay Rotary Website
Have a look at the West Bay Rotary Website, you will find all kinds of information and updates in an easy to use format. You can also update your Club Runner personal information, which is encouraged!
Go to and log in, it should be your First initial.last name.1417
There is login assistance available on the site if you forgot your password. If you have any difficulties or need some assistance, let Sandy or George know, they would be happy to help! You can also go to then to My Rotary (will take you to our local page). There is also considerable information regarding all kinds of ways to get involved with international activities, group discussions and planned giving opportunities. You can also find your own donation history and recognitions where you can print off to keep a hard copy record. You are encouraged to explore all the information listed for local and international rotary activities, you can check out the calendar for upcoming events, you can check out past meeting minutes, you can set up donations to polio funds and/or annual funds and so much more!
Mary presented the Walker’s with Paul Harris Awards.
Committee Reports
Bruce: Chowder Challenge totals, $2351 in ticket sales, $1390 in sponsorship, gave $200 to American
Legion and $100 to Thomaston dog park for tents and tables.
Foundation: Etienne, go to donate on rotary website, auto withdraw can be set up on your page, half of the dollars comes back to the club if you donate to polio or annual fund. Rotary tracks participation, however you will not get a sticker by donating on line, so you will need to let Kristen know what you have donated.
Community service: 10 am – 1 pm, painting at Snow Bowl!
Progressive dinner this Saturday: beginning at 5 pm
A little extra time for Sergeant-At Arms...

Next Week’s Speaker is Joanne Miller, Puerto Rico