29 October 2020
Pre-meeting Chatter! – Cold Morning! Real estate is doing well but slowing down! Southern folks cannot imagine working outside in the winter. Election season is almost over! Can’t wait.
Buckets on the Table:  Camden Food Pantry (drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box 1033, Camden 04843 – or website donation site using the donate button).
Poem for the Day: Bruce Malone – Haiku Times 2, Next Week – Ken Gardner
Speaker of the Day: Walter Hughes/Water Projects
A Rotarian that wants to change the world, joined in 2000. Champion of Change! Clean water to >300,000 in African! That’s just a part of all he has worked on across the world. Rotary can have a great impact on poverty.
A 6 steps empowerment model is used to help so many communities. Where need is so great, where do you start?  Clean water! Once you have water, they start talking about other issues, next is sanitation then education to disease prevention to economic growth. We can reduce deaths by 75% by clean water, toilets, washing hands etc. That first grant to dig one well went from $15K to $150K.
Guinea worm disease (very painful), parasites that spread in water supplies. Rotary began drilling wells and raising money across the world to place wells, they moved across Africa, starting in the worse places and kept moving.  They are now Guinea worm free of disease in Ghana. They then moved into war time areas of South Sudan, again drilling wells and placing toilets.
Do what you dare to dream! Compassion turns into passion! Tell the stories, make friendships that turns into teams. 3 Precious Moments: drill hits water, water flows from the hand pump then healthy kids reason why. They are now building 9 schools. The building is still moving forward.
Rotary is an adventure! Getting to these communities can be a challenge. Rotary changes the world.
Committee Reports:
We need match money to raise for projects. Kim will match $200, Susan will match $100, Sandy will match $100!  Thank You Thank you!!
Etienne - Nov 2 and 9 (6-8 pm) zoom meetings for grants. We need several members to attend to get Club credit and be involved! So far George and Sandy! Thank you guys!
Interact - Packing party for One Less Worry was a success! 10 kids participated.
Book Club: The Splendid and the Vile is on for one more month, Nov 10th, 5 pm
Community: Next Habitat Project is Nov 21st. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! Can take 10 people! Come Join Us!! Rotary Supplies to be placed in trailer, let Sandy know!
Christmas Tree Sales are rapidly approaching! On line signup for Christmas Tree Sales, begins the day after Thanksgiving. Westbaysignup.com. note: need cashiers and tree loaders. Thursday – Sunday shifts only. Sat, Nov 21 for setup date, tree delivery is a couple days later. Would like members to take 3 shifts each if possible!! Extra slots added for the day before Thanksgiving! 101 spots remaining!!
Next Week’s Speaker: John Marshall/Sunset Selfies