Posted by Sarah Ruef-Lindquist on Nov 11, 2017

Ken Gardiner, "You Can't Take It With You"
en Gardiner spoke on the topic "You Can't Take it With You".  He focused on charitable giving during life and at death. The Club has an investment account with just over $2000. He'd like to see it receive additional gifts. If it were a half million dollars, it could generate additional funds to support the club's work in the community.  If 70 people in the club left $10,000 each, the club would have $700,000.  Even small amounts given by many people can make a big difference. He wants everyone to encourage a gift to one or more charitable organizations as part of their planning.
He also encouraged people to make gifts while they are alive to the West Bay Rotary Foundation. He highlighted the ability to make gifts of appreciated stock, with low cost basis. The fair market value of the stock is the value of the tax deduction. The donor pays no capital gains, and neither does the donor. The stock must have been held for at least a year. Sarah Ruef-Lindquist mentioned people age 70 1/2 or older can make direct charitable gifts from their IRA's, up to $100,000 per year, without incurring tax. It can include the annual required minimum distribution amount.
Mik reminded you can give money to the IRS, your kids, or charity.
Kristen Lindquist mentioned that when your quarterly invoice includes dues, meals, facility fees, kitchen clean-up. We are increasing our fees likely in 2018, about $28 per year, or $7 per quarter, to cover all of our costs.  Keeping the fritatta involves another $5, and the club is in favor of keeping it, but the board will ultimately decide. 
Deb Fink shared some pictures from Mike Moore on the KaragweTanzania project and slides of projects and activities in October by West Bay Rotary, including the path project at PAWS, Tiki time at the Rockland Golf Club, Polio Walk and train riding in Belfast, Window Dressers, and Snowbowl repairs.
Susan Dorr, just back from the latest water project trip in the Yucatan, installing water fountains in public schools. She reported on some issues, including the pump factory that was damaged in the earthquake, has required the club to find another factory in the US, learned about the last fountain project she worked on, including maintenance issues.  Peter Berke wanted the club to recognize Susan for her involvement and leadership to make this on-the-ground project and its impact. 
Ira glass reported that District 7780 is getting more involved and District 7790 is getting more involved to support Learning to Cope and other projects dealing with the opioid addiction problem facing the state, a/k/a substance abuse disorder, including Narcan training.
Dan Bookham invited as commodore of the Pen Bay Yachting Rotarians to the annual Chowder Evening 5:30p at 3 Dillingham Pt. in Camden on Friday, November 17, with John Hanson speaking on the 30 years of Maine Boats Homes & Harbors. $10 per head. Camden, Belfast and Rockland Rotarians will also be there, and let Dan know if you want to go.
Next week's speaker is Bruce Peel giving his classification talk