Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Nov 08, 2018
November 8, 2018
Rev. Ute Molitor, Congregational Minister
November 8, 2018
Buckets on the Table: Camden Area Food Pantry
Speaker: Rev. Ute Molitor, Congregational Minister
Ute was born in Germany, hometown of Trier. What you don’t transform- you transmit! Ute’s home town was involved in the Nazi movement in the late 1930’s. Her father was a radio operator on the eastern front. After the war there was a legacy of silence and shame. There was no public way of healing from the damage of the war which resulted in PSTD for many people. A well-educated country, how did this happen? Germany is still grappling with the holocaust. Even today there is still violence against refugees. 890,000 asylum cases in Germany 2015-17, some feel this is a way to pay back for the history. There exists a 0.2% Jewish population in Germany, many from Eastern Europe. There is also an increase in Muslim refugees as well, unemployment in Germany is 4.9%. There is a growing population still moving toward an elite culture, using language associated with Nazi propaganda. In such times, one should remember ‘What you don’t transform, you transmit’. Ute is looking for nonviolent conversational practices, starting with children to practice mindfulness, continue with restorative justice, continue with education. There was a sudden flood of change when the Berlin wall came down and will take multiple generations to truly repair both sides of the country and rebuild the east.
Committee Reports
Satellite club – Needed the founding member’s information brought before the main club, this process is in place to correctly induct new members
Kristin presented EREY to Terry
Lisa -Tiki time at Deb Hitchens’ home, 5 pm Friday.
Community – Sign up sheets being passes for Knox County project
In 9 days, we will be setting up the Christmas tree shop and are looking for volunteers to unload the trees, in 2 weeks we start selling! Please continue to sign up!
Next Week’s Speaker: Loriman Looke – Classification Talk