Posted by Sheila Davenport on Nov 18, 2019
14 November 2019
Speaker of the Day: Matt Brown - Jazz in June
Thought for the Day:  Deborah Fink.  Mary Sargent onboard for 11/21
Buckets on the Table:  Last week for Camden Area Food Pantry; next up is Shields Mission
Speaker:  Matt Brown representing the Jazz in June Event. 
Matt Brown’ background is varied and far flung from places like Hawaii to India.  His career path has also covered an assortment of disciplines covering selling cars, founding Wild Rufus Records to VP at Walt Disney and other corporate adventures. 
Matt is a member of the Camden Rotary and also has been Chairman of the Camden Area Business Committee.  A few years back there was an idea to bring more business to the Camden area in June.  From that beginning idea, Jazz in June was born.  After a few years of getting everyone in the right place and on the same page, 2019 saw the 1st Annual Jazz in June which was a success!  The feedback was good all around from the vendors, the local businesses, the musicians and most importantly the participants. 
Now the work on the 2020 2nd Annual Jazz in June is proceeding for June 11-14.  Some of the headliners for next year are The Jim McNeeley Trio and The Brubeck Brothers Quartet.  Tickets prices are as low as $15 and some events around town are free.
The event is run totally by volunteers.
For more information about the event please go to:
Rotary Information:  Bruce Malone
Red Badge Program:  Bob Holmes completed the Red Badge program and received his Blue Badge today.
Ira Mandel’s 38 year old nephew died on Tuesday from a drug overdose.  Ira mentioned that this is the biggest public health issue in our country and everybody will be touched by this problem in some way if not in our immediate family. 
Ira is asking for help.  He is doing 99% of the work of the Coalition and is giving out.  They were only able to raise $2,000 for the Men’s House renovations.  He asked us to give generously.  Anything we can do to help will be appreciated. 
Community Service:  Meeting on the 19th at 7:00 am at Camden Law.
Foundation:  Canada’s government will match (50%) what Rotary Clubs in Canada donate to world issues.  There is a water project that is very close to being funded at $500,000 for Ghana.  If you are interested in donating, please see Etienne Perret for more information. 
Vocational Services:  The 19th Entrepreneur Class was concluded.  Jim Potter is excited at the possibilities of this class.  Thank you to all who participated!
Scholarship Committee:  Mary Sargent is replacing Gary Walker on this committee.
Sponsorships:  Leamon Scott announced that Fuller Chevrolet renewed their Gold Level Sponsorship.
Fellowship:  Tiki Time begins at 5:00 pm November 14 at Bob Rubin’s house at 28 Eastward in Rockport.  Looking at Trivia Night in January and possibility the dance at the Snowbowl in June (Jazz in June).
President:  RLI program has been cancelled due to low enrollment.
Terry Bregy discussed the upcoming Christmas Tree fundraiser.  Signups are going well.  Help is needed on November 27 (unloading of trees) and on November 29 for a ribbon party at the hut. 
Next Week’s Speaker:  Doug Ibarguen, Past District Governor, on Grants
Tom Albertson mentioned the next meeting of the Penbay Yachting Rotarians on November 20th at 5:30 pm at Union Hall.  The speaker will be the Former Commander Dan Bookham.  $20 for dinner.