President Kim Milton opened meeting, with Roberta Walker providing the Thought for the Day by Erma Bombeck — 'Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere!'
First guest speaker was Ella Pierce, the current President of the Midcoast Interact Club, who presented an overview of their year’s activities. It is terrific to note that the Club grew this year, with a total of 30 registered members, comprised of basically 50% boys and girls. Joan LeMole, Heidi Karod and Chris Richmond served as their facilitators this year. They are planning a year-end Zoom meeting to closeout events from this year and to elect next year’s officers.
The second speaker was George Abendroth, Club Secretary, who presented the draft updates to both the West Bay Rotary Club Constitution, and the Club’s ByLaws. Many of the changes were due to two items: (1) the latest RI templates, provided by the RI Council on Legislation, and (2) our need to include information about the Sunset Satellite Club.  Other smaller changes were made in the drafts, and George highlighted these changes in the drafts sent by email to all Club Members.  A vote of approval will be held at next week’s (May 14th) meeting, with George addressing any additional comments received between today and next week via email to all concerned.
It was reported to all Club Members that the Board voted at their monthly meeting yesterday to increase the Matching Challenge match with United Midcoast Charities, by adding another $5000 to the program. To date, the Club has had donations of $5873 against the original $5000, and it is felt that this is the best means of impacting our community in a positive way during the current pandemic.
Next week’s speaker will be Tia Anderson from Habitat for Humanity.