President Kim Milton opened meeting, with Guests Isabella Benzie, as well as JP Fecteau and Peter Lindquist from the Sunset Satellite Club. Noel Cox provided 3 different Thoughts for the Day:
  1. “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.”
  2. “I can choose to let it define me, confine me, refine me, outshine me, or I can choose to move on and leave it behind me.”
  3. “What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't even happened yet.”
Buckets on the Table are for the Knox County Homeless Coalition.
Roberta Walker provided the Rotary Moment, discussing membership thoughts about joining Rotary, and how we can offer membership as a gift to someone.
Ira Mandel discussed the upcoming Virtual Opioid Prevention ACEs training program and solicited interest and possible participants for this June virtual conference.
George Abendroth provided the Secretary’s report, which included the approval of the Club’s revised Constitution and ByLaws, and the ongoing drafting of the supporting Club and Committee Organization Document, which will provided guidance for each Committee and also capture the policy decisions made by the Club and the Board (for those items not included in the ByLaws).
Kristen Lindquist provided the Treasurer’s Report, indicating that while we are fiscally solvent, we will remain tight, given we have had to cancel at least two major fundraisers (EWaste Plus and Duck Derby). It was noted that we are hoping to possibly hold these events in the fall, and that initial planning for Christmas Trees was also starting shortly. The drafting of the budget for President Elect Ken Gardiner’s Rotary year will be completed over the coming weeks, so that the Board at their June meeting, and then the whole Club at a follow-on weekly meeting can vote to approve the budget prior to July 1st.
Mark Coursey indicated that there will be a June Zoom meeting of the Community Service committee, to recap the current year and discuss some initial ideas for the new Rotary year. Another Habitat for Humanity build day is scheduled now for June 13th from 8 to Noon (let Tim Dresser know if you are interested – note: maximum of 8 West Bay Rotarians can participate on each build day).
Loriman Looke provided the Membership Committee report, which asked that if any member knows of any prospective members, to please forward contact information to Loriman, but to also invite them to participate in our ongoing, weekly Zoom meeting calls.
Leamon Scott discussed Sponsorships, indicating that with cancellation of EWaste Plus and Duck Derby, we have lost out on various event-specific sponsors, but that we are trying to keep promotions up for our annual sponsors (noting articles in Village Soup and PenBay Pilot as often as possible).
Joan LeMole provided an Interact Club update, as their year is now complete and a year-end meeting is currently planned for June 1st at 3pm via Zoom.
Susan Dorr provided a summary of International Committee activities, highlighting the Committee’s current effort to identify an organization that supports welcoming new Mainers. Deb Hitchings shared information about the students in Lesotho, which is currently in lockdown, with no mail delivery.
Etienne Perret shared that West Bay has met its Rotary Foundation goals for this Rotary year, and Kristen indicated that there are many West Bay Members to be recognized with their EREY stickers once face-to-face meetings resume.
Deborah Fink and Ken Gardiner discussed the West Bay Charitable Foundation’s status, and the ongoing efforts with United Midcoast Charities and our Matching Challenge for their Rapid Response Fund. To date, there have been a total of $14, 156 donated, which along with the $10,000 matching by West Bay Rotary, totals $24,156 raised to date. We are hopeful that donations will continue!
JP Fecteau of the Satellite Club informed those on the call that their Club has been meeting via Zoom, and also arranged a roadside cleanup of members’ neighborhoods.
Kristen Lindquist noted the Book Club is planning to meet via Zoom in early June, with this month’s book being “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult.
Another reminder to send Deborah Fink any photos of interest for the May video.
Next week’s speaker will be Maria Libby, Five Town CSD/MSAD 28 Superintendent.