Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Mar 10, 2019
07 March 2019
Barbara Spaulding, Coastal Family Hospice Volunteer
07 Mar 2019
Buckets on the Table: Bowl for Kid’s Sake
Today’s Speaker: Barbara Spaulding, Coastal Family Hospice Volunteer
A summer Mainer, now here permanently, Barbara joined Coastal Family Hospice 7 years ago. She served on the board in 2014. Barbara started as an electrician, moved to construction to education.  Coastal Family Hospice was founded in 1979. Its purpose is to enhance the lives of terminally ill pts.  Hospice works to relieve pain, be there for cancer and bereavement support and respite care, as well as a variety of ancillary services. They are contracted with Maine Healthcare at Home but are an independent organization licensed by the State of Maine.  Trained teams are assigned to patients. They are trained in mindfulness about dying, provide a listening presence, perform mundane tasks and in turn, can develop close relationships with the family. There is a 30 hour training period for volunteers. There are currently 60 active volunteers with 2900 hours of visits in Knox County.  Grief support letters are sent over the next year. Hospice encourages people to give thought about what they want, be very clear about what you really want. Prepare an advanced health care directive or a living will, ultimately this is a very personal decision. You can become a volunteer with Hospice or volunteer at the Susman house.
Committee Reports:
April 6th, 10 am, bowl for Kid’s Sake
2 new Westbay Rotary Members Kate Dullea, Tom Peaco
Foundation: reminder if you want to be invoiced to the foundation endowment…We bring in about $400 a quarter currently by members
Rotary, Area 10, Assistance Area Governor, has been found – Tim Dresser!
Tiki time – Tues march 19th 5-7 at The Jack
Joe Potter EREY
April 20th, e waste!
Sponsorship: sign up for clerical help to identify business for potential sponsorships, also looking for duck derby sponsorships!
Etienne: encourages the use of Amazon Smile and Facebook contribution tab for a day of donation
We received Thank you notes from Ray of Hope, Saltwater Classroom and Community Investors!
Board meeting approved draft of strategic plan, soon to be reviewed by club in an email
Members who joined West Bay in the Month of March!
Feb 28 Satellite Meeting was very well attended, a couple guests from Camden Rotary Club and we welcomed a new member, Frances Bray-Bateman.  
Next Week’s Speaker: Mimi Edmunds, Classification Talk