Posted by Sarah Ruef-Lindquist on Mar 17, 2018
Peter Leo, the Instrument Exchange
Buckets on the table will support the Interact Club's Safe Passage trip.
Bruce Peal introduced the speaker, who is his cousin and a resident of North Yarmouth.  A volunteer-run lending library for musical instruments, approx. 70, from woodwinds to brass, strings, percussion and keyboards. A cello, oboe, french horn, trumpets, trombones, violins, bassoons, oboes, and tuba are included in their instrument inventory.
Most requested is fractional violins, which are used for young children to begin learning the violin. They work with area band directors who know which children are looking for instruments and may not be able to afford rent or buying one. Only about 25% of their inventory is loaned currently.
After initially focusing just on providing instruments, they moved into instruction and work with adaptive situations, and have shifted back to just instruments. 
Often older people who had previously played an instrument bring theirs in for reconditioning and for the exchange to use. It is expensive to recondition instruments, which is where their fundraising is largely dedicated. It started as an experiment but the program is now in its 8th year. They find that kids often change their minds, so making the program lending, rather than selling or giving the instruments to kids works best. The program makes playing an instrument more affordable for those with economic challenges. Children have to certify that they would otherwise not be able to afford to rent or buy an instrument. He gets to visit the band directors and the kids and sees the music programs growing and vibrant. The instrument is theirs to use for 2 years or longer, if necessary. Reeds, mouthpices, strings are generally the student's responsibility to replace. They want to get more students to apply, and have not seen any from Knox County. Their website is 
Deb Fink shared slides of activities of the club over the past few months.
The club is sponsoring Lindsey Lowe for a short term exchange program to go to Poland.  The project involves no financial commitment from the club. PETS training is this weekend in Quebec.
April 11 Business and Community Expo from 2-7p at the Samoset.
Next week is the Club Assembly, and Mik encouraged people to attend. 
Memberships is working to find new ways to attract members. Chair Joan Lemole would like to recycle Rotarian magazines as part of their efforts and asks that members bring those to meetings to give to her.
Community Service had to reschedule, and will meet next week at Quarry Hill, check with Mark Coursey for details.
Peter Berke is working on lining up sponsors for the Duck Derby. 
Thursday May 24 there will be a Mexican-themed dinner to raise funds for the Wheelchair project at the Penobscot School.
A member of the Rockland Rotary came to promote their Bass Derby April 21.
Mike Pierce announced that the Interact club is close to reaching their fundraising goal, Monday night at the Drouthy Bear there will be an auction and refreshments event at 5:30p.